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Hi, my name is Outi Lempa and I am the author of the Helenatur website. Simplicity and naturalness are important things to me in cosmetics; a kind of skinimalism. I try to avoid complicated skin care routines and long, difficult ingredient lists and do things simply, using as many natural ingredients as possible.

I started writing the Helenatur blog in the fall of 2018. I wanted to share my knowledge about cosmetics raw materials in the blog. Good cosmetics cannot be created without high-quality ingredients. Knowledge of cosmetics raw materials is important, not only for cosmetics manufacturers but also for buyers of finished cosmetics products. Nowadays, I write articles on the blog about the wonderful cosmetic ingredients I have found, skin care, ethical production and the bad guys in cosmetics, meaning the ingredients that should be avoided.

From the very beginning, I have also shared easy cosmetic recipes for my readers to try. The recipes are designed and tested by me. I have expanded the site by adding useful charts as well.

I have completed the degree of herbal therapist in 2017 under the supervision of Henriette Kress. My interest in herbs led me to natural cosmetics and the making of homemade cosmetics also started to interest me. I continued my studies at Formula Botanica, where I completed six degrees in natural cosmetics formulating and beauty brand business management.

I am particularly interested in cosmetic oils and butters. So I applied to Susan M. Parker’s Lipid Oils Academy and completed the Lipid Decoded degree. Lipid Oils Academy dives very deep into the world of vegetable oils and butters. 

My studies are still going on. I want to constantly deepen my knowledge of cosmetics and the raw materials used in cosmetics.

My first book, Cosmetics Raw Materials and Manufacturing, was published in 2018. This book combines two topics that I love, cosmetics and the natural ingredients of cosmetics.

I really hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me and you’ll get lots of new ideas and recipes from these pages!

My diplomas and certificates

Formula Botanica graduate badge of honor
Advanced diploma in organic cosmetic science
certificate in cosmetic stability testing
Certificate in natural cosmetic preservation
Certificate in organic anti-ageing skincare
Diploma in beauty brand business management
Diploma in organic skincare formulation

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