Three tips for using bubble water in facial care

Can carbonated Water help you with skincare? The title may seem little extravagant, I’m sorry about that. However, this is not a new thing as carbonated water has been used for facial care in Japan and Korea for long time. In both countries, SodaStream devices are selling well because women use soda water for facial care.

The most important thing for both Japanese and Korean women in skincare is how to achieve the brightest, flawless skin. They are ready to do anything to achieve it. Bubble water has come to stay in their beauty routines.

Read three good tips for using bubble water for facial care.

I’ve tested the bubble water in skin care for some time now. Find out would it also help your skin care problems.

Photo by Noppadon Manadee on Unsplash

What is carbonated water

Carbonated water is commonly called mineral water, soda water or bubble water. We can now call this water bubble water. Bubble water is just plain water with carbon dioxide added under pressure. You can make bubble water yourself with the SodaStream. The amount of carbonic acid varies in the different waters. Thus, the acidity of bubble waters also varies depending on the amount of carbonic acid. Nowadays, there are also various flavoured waters with added flavouring in addition to carbonated acid. I can’t say about their composition. In any case, it’s a good idea to choose non-flavoured bubble water for cosmetic use.

Many unflavoured bubble waters contain balanced water minerals. This means that there is an equal amount of minerals in each bottle. Minerals are considered to be healthy when ingested internally. Bubble water is therefore commonly referred to as mineral water. However, all mineral waters may not contain carbon dioxide.

For some individual skin or skin types, some minerals can be irritating. It is therefore worth testing different mineral water types. There is an enormous amount of them available in supermarkets. The range is from the high-priced Perrier, Pellegrino and Evian to lot cheaper alternatives. Of course, water packed in a glass bottle is always better because it does not contain plastic. On the other hand, cheaper bubble water is easier to use. If you have a SodaStream device you can make your own, very inexpensive bubble water from tap water.

How bubble water works on the skin?

Bubble water is acidic. After all, it’s carbonated. Its pH is usually 5.5 while the skin’s pH is 4.5-5.5. When I myself measured the pH of the bubble water using the strips, I ended up reading the same. PH Measuring strips are easy to buy from your local pharmacy. The carbonated water Is as acidic as the skin. Acidic substances are generally good for stabilizing the pH if the skin is too alkaline after washing.

Bubble water improves the skin’s surface circulation of the blood. This is based on water bubbles. Bubbling gives kind of a micro massage on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should start very carefully using bubble water. The skin may turn red quickly. This is precisely because of improved skin’s surface blood circulation. As the blood circulation improves, the skin receives plenty of nutrients and oxygen. Nourished and oxygenated skin means healthier skin.

Bubble water bubbles are said to cleanse the skin deeply. They penetrate the pores and cleanse them thoroughly. Carbon bubbles are said to even break down dirt and grease in the pores. This reduces the pores and calms them down. The skin starts to look prettier. I do not support this statement 100 %. After all, bubble water is just water and cannot remove tallow from our skin.

However, try the following bubble water tips to see yourself how effective it is. In fact, I like the refreshing effect of bubble water on my skin.

How to use bubble water for skin care?

You have three options to choose from. There are different treatment methods for sensitive skin than for oily skin. You should always start with the gentlest possible option. Although there are only two ingredients in bubble water, just water and carbonic acid, the effect of carbonic acid could surprise you.


Do not use carbonated water if you have a tendency to couperosa. Carbonated water may be too irritating and may increase the redness of the skin. Also, anyone’s skin may become red after using too much carbonated water for rinsing. It is not intended for a daily use in facial care.

The gentlest method is bubble water as facial water

  • Clean your skin thoroughly
  • Dip a cotton ball into bubble water and gently wipe your skin
  • If you wish, you can dilute the bubble water with ordinary water.
  • You can also tune bubble water by adding a drop of green tea, coconut water, glycerol or aloe vera juice

Facial cleansing with bubble water

  • Carefully remove makeup from the skin
  • Open the pores by applying a hot damp towel to your face for a while
  • Carefully splash bubble water around your face and cleanse your face with your favourite cleanser
  • Wash your face as usual
  • Wet your face with bubble water, leave it for a moment and dry

Korean facial treatment

You can do this treatment when you need refreshment for your skin.

  • Pour one litre of bubble water and one litre of regular water into the sink. Put your face in the water for 10-20 seconds.
  • Your skin feels fresh. The blood starts circulating on the skin in a different way. The pores are shrinking and your face got a refreshing micro massage.

Bubble water is worth a try

Photo by Noppadon Manadee on Unsplash

I used bubble water for a week to perform test. I do not recommend doing this because bubble water is not suitable for daily use. It is too tough method for the skin.

I clearly noticed how the pores shrunk and my skin brightened. I don’t have any impurities on my skin, so I couldn’t tell if it really cleanses the pores. I doubt that.

After each use, I found the skin to turn red. It’s an incredible reaction. Just like an allergy. However, the redness disappeared after 5 to 10 minutes and by the end of the day the skin felt and looked fine and healthy.

Sinking my face in bubble water, or doing the Korean facial treatment, was absolutely wonderful. You just can’t do it with ice-cold bubble water from the fridge. On the other hand, cold water reduces pores even better… but keeping face 10 seconds in ice cold, bubbling water doesn’t sound a good idea either.

If you have used bubble water in facial care, please share your experience!

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