Cosmetic gemstones; amethyst, nacre (mother of pearl) and amber in skin care

I have become interested in certain gem- semiprecious stones due to their use as raw materials of cosmetic products. Cosmetic gemstones have come to stay in modern cosmetics. The most expensive and respected cosmetic series often use crystals, semi-precious stones, nacre and amber. There is nothing new in use of semi-precious stones in cosmetics. They have been used since the time of Cleopatra.

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How Do Cosmetic Gems Work?

Gemstones give the cosmetic product its own character. Some may think that we are now going to the direction of alternative medication. However, gemstones are not useless luxury in cosmetic products. They are minerals that are known to have a very effective effect on skin condition. Minerals can be absorbed through the skin throughout our body and provide us with holistic care.

Each gemstone has a unique mineral content. That’s why cosmetic gemstones should be carefully chosen in order to suit our own type of skin.

How to include cosmetic gemstones in home cosmetics?

Cosmetic gemstones are really good ingredient for home cosmetics. They are minerals that are not at risk of getting spoiled. They can also be used in powdered products such as facial mask powders.

 You can do either oil or water-based extracts from gemstones. The extraction of gem- and semiprecious stones is not difficult but do require some knowledge. However, the world of cosmetic gems is a world of their own. In some circles, the lunar cycle is taken into account when processing the extraction of gemstones.

I want to introduce cosmetic gems here because of their popularity in the world. Sooner or later we will meet them. New trends are always exciting and you will be hopefully ready to try the power of gemstones.

How do different gemstones work?

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Different gemstones are affecting differently to our bodies. Gemstone therapy has been used in ancient Ayurveda culture to stimulate a person’s overall health. Jewels certainly have something to give to modern people as well.  Gemstones can be used as jewellery for holistic human care. Then they also affect the skin.

Each gemstone has its own vibrational frequency and influence. Here are some examples;

  • Bloodstone cleanses, heals rashes and removes toxins
  • Jade is the stone of eternal youth. It helps the skin maintain its elasticity and removes wrinkles while relaxing the skin.
  • Turquoise soothes the skin and prevents the exacerbation of acne
  • Amethyst removes toxins, moisturizes the skin and fights bacteria
  • Onyx stone promotes hair growth
  • Aventurine Quartz is effective for acne in young people. It is also effective against rosacea and other inflammatory skin diseases.

How to choose the right stone?

There are huge numbers of gemstones in the world. If you are interested in gemstones, you will find plenty of information about their properties and uses in the web and in the literature. Here I present to you just a few commonly used gems in cosmetics.

Quartz; Amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal

Rose qartzs, Rock Crystals and Amethysts Photo Claudia Lämmermeyer Pixabay

Amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal belong to the skin care gems. They differ from each other’s but can be used in exactly the same way. Quartz is made up of two elements; silicon and oxygen. Quartz is the second most common mineral in the earth’s crust. Here is an example how to use amethyst in cosmetics. All other quartz stones can be used in the same way.

The colour of the amethyst comes from the iron it contains. The colour of amethysts do vary. Some amethysts are deep lilac in colour. You can even find pink amethysts.

The spiritual influence of the amethyst is to soothe and clarify the mind. It also supports widespread insight.

Amethyst is also used as a gemstone. Amethyst has also been used as a raw material for cosmetics for hundred of years. It is a violet variant of quartz. All mineral-based products have a cleansing effect on the skin. This is how amethyst works. Amethyst removes toxins from the skin and works with deep cleansing. Amethyst also brings more oxygen to the skin.

Amethyst also reduces excess oiliness of the skin. This is a good feature for oily skin. Because amethyst is also known to deeply moisturize the skin, its de-oiling effect does not dry the skin but mainly balances it.

If you are really interested in the effect of quartz on your skin, you can buy amethyst dust from online stores. Amethyst is usually mined around the globe. It is be wonderful if we can use domestic minerals as a raw material for our own cosmetics.

Amethyst dust can be added to skin cleansers and peeling products. Amethyst dust can be used in baking soda mask. It gives a very effective deep cleansing effect on the product.

Amethyst powder is also suitable for make-up and make-up cosmetics just like all mineral powders.


Amber Photo Hans Braxmeier Pixabay

Amber is petrified resin of coniferous trees. It is estimated to be around 20-100 million years old.  Lithuanian and Kalingrad coastlines are particularly rich in amber. Nowadays, amber has become rarer. Coniferous resin contains There is huge amount of valuable ingredients in the resin.

Amber is a skin warming ingredient. It opens up clogged pores and clears the skin. Products made from amber dust are often used to treat acne skin and prevent clogging of the pores.

Amber is rich in terpenes which help the skin regenerate faster and improve the oxygen level of the cells.

Amber is also often associated with seaweed. Together they work to cleanse the skin. Vitamins C and E also work very well with amber. Together with these vitamins, amber acts as a very moisturizing ingredient.

When used as jewellery, amber stimulates the immune system. In the old days, an amber jewellery was purchased for infants to soothe toothache. Overall amber has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Amber dust can also be purchased from online stores. It is made from a material that is a by-product of the amber jewellery industry.

Amber Dust can be used for peeling and cleansing products. Amber dust is rich in terpenes and succinic acid. After all, it is petrified resin. Therefore, I do not recommend to use succinic acid at all in any products mentioned to leave on the skin.

Genuine mother of pearl

Photo moritz320 Pixabay

Genuine nacre made from the shell of freshwater mussels. Over the years, mussels have built beautiful and durable shells of minerals in the water. The shell contains all water minerals. So, it’s a mineral concentrate.

 Nacre has been a raw material for cosmetics for thousands of years. In Japan and Korea, pearl dust is a popular ingredient in cosmetics. Pearl dust, made from freshwater mussel shell, is also available to home cosmetics makers. It is worth trying the extremely mineral-rich pearl dust in products designed for facial skin. Pearl dust also contains proteins. It contains 14-18 different amino acids. Human body cannot produce 8 of them

  • Pearl dust contains over 12 different minerals that have a positive effect on skin well-being
  • Pearl dust is very absorbent as it is very fine dust.
  • Pearl dust acts on the skin, reducing the signs of aging.
  • Pearl dust brightens the skin.
  • Pearl powder is not a vegan product. If you want a vegan mineral product, choose an actual gemstone or amber.

In which cosmetic products can I use pearl powder?

You can use pearl powder in creams, serums, makeups such as powders and facial masks. Nacre powder is very versatile. However, a cream should contain  only 1-3 % of nacre powder. Small quantity  is enough.

Here was a quick look to the world of cosmetic gemstones

I have now presented to you three different types of cosmetic gemstone powders; amber, pearl dust and amethyst dust. I will come back many times to the different stones and their properties.

These powders are very different types of cosmetic ingredients. They also have a good variety of effects on the skin. Although these cosmetic powders are currently very difficult to get, I wish they will become more common. There is always a need for more natural cosmetic ingredients. Not all of their features have been noticed yet. However, amethyst powder, pearl powder and amber powder have been used in cosmetics for thousands of years. These fine ingredients for sure have something to give to us as well.

Do you know gemstone cosmetics? Please tell us about your experiences!

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