Cosmetic powders; 6 multipurpose ingredients

I just love simple cosmetic ingredients. I want to use products that are made without chemicals and will be preserved on their own without preservatives. I have written here before about cosmetic powders. There are plenty of new products available now. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics are constantly developing new powder products. In this post, I’ll introduce you to six cosmetic powders that you can easily make yourself.


Six cosmetic powders; countless number of cosmetic products

By combining the powders presented below, you can easily get dozens of effective skin care products. Feel free to vary the powders and ingredients according to the needs of your skin. Powders are easy and quick to prepare with an electric coffee grinder.

In addition, you only need some liquid to mix the powders with. Suitable liquids are, for example

  • Neutral lotion
  • Herbal fusion of your choice
  • Water
  • Yogurt
  • Honey (honey is not really a liquid but suits well)
  • Oils and herbal oils

You can make cosmetics from powders for one time use only. You do not have to worry about shelf life. First select the powder and liquid you want. Then just put 1-2 teaspoons of powder in a small cup. Add the liquid to the powder and mix to a suitable paste. Now you have a great cosmetic product ready to use.

Here is my cosmetic powder tray

I’ve collected my own cosmetic powder tray from six different powders. I only chose neutral, basic ingredients that are easy to combine with. I believe most of these ingredients are also suitable for your skin.

1. Kaolin clay

Kaolin clay

Kaolin, or white clay, is a very gentle clay product. It is suitable for dry and aged skin. The good properties of kaolin cannot be overstated. It allows you to give your skin gentle detox treatments. Kaolin also shrinks pores, soothes and brightens the skin.

Use kaolin clay:

  • For cleansing masks
  • For daily cleansing of the skin
  • For exfoliating products

2. Colloidal oats

Colloidal oats

Colloidal oats is one of the gentlest skin care products. It soothes the skin, reduces itching and protects the skin from external factors. Colloidal oats have some kind of emulsifying properties. It is not the actual emulsifier, but it effectively binds fat.

Use colloidal oats;

  • masks containing oil
  • as such or with kaolin as a skin cleanser. Just add some liquid

3. Milk Thistle seed

Powdered Milk Thistle seeds

Milk Thistle is an old medicinal herb whose seeds contain valuable oil. The seeds of Milk Thistle can also be used in cosmetics. Milk Thistle has been studied a lot. In addition to other health benefits, researchers have found plenty of features that benefit the skin.

Milk Thistle seed is rich in antioxidants. They have been found to reduce the effects of harmful UV light and at the same time the signs of skin aging. Milk Thistle moisturizes dry skin and also acts as an antimicrobial product to soothe the skin.

Use the Milk Thistle seeds:

  • caring face masks
  • skin exfoliating products

4. Mung Bean Powder

Peeled and powdered mung bean

Mung bean powder is part of the Japanese skin care routine. In Japan, Mung beans are used in minimalist cosmetics as such. Mung beans contain saponins that effectively but gently cleanse the skin. The proteins and minerals in beans nourish the skin.

Use Mung beans;

  • for skin cleansing
  • masks
  • skin exfoliating products

5. Salt

This is German rock salt

Salt is one of the best skin care products. It softens dead cell tissue on the surface of the skin. Thus, the salt acts as a simple chemical peeling agent. There are many good grades of salt such as sea salt and rose salt. Feel free to choose the salt you like and use it. If your skin does not tolerate coarse ingredients, you can grind the salt to a dusty-like powder. The powdered salt does not scratch the skin.

The salt penetrates deep into the pores and lifts up skin impurities. This is based on the capillary effect induced by salt.

Use salt;

  • for skin cleansing
  • For exfoliating products
  • for products mentioned to rinse off

6. Green tea powder

Green tea is one of the best antioxidant for skin

Green tea is a super antioxidant. If you want to fight skin aging, green tea is a great product for that. Green tea is especially soothing. It brightens and soothes irritated skin. That is why green tea is often recommended for the treatment of skin problems.

Use green tea;

  • as an ingredient in face masks

Powder cosmetics are the simplest way to utilize plants in cosmetics


If you do not want to use too much time and energy for making your own cosmetic products, then the powders are for you. When making powder cosmetics, there is no need to cook and stir anything. Powders also will be preserved well without preservatives. And please bear in mind that you should only prepare powders for a couple of weeks need. Especially the seeds are freshly ground at their best.

Were you excited about powder cosmetics? Share your experiences in the comments section!

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