Flaxseeds are versatile in skin and hair care

Flaxseeds are widely known in hair care but they are not so common in skin care. Why use flaxseeds for skin care? There are many good reasons for this. I’ll also tell you how to use this useful, natural product. The ingredients of flax are particularly delicate, so it requires some knowledge to deal with them.


Flax is an organic plant

Flax, (Linum usitatissimum) is an ancient fibre plant. The origin of flax has been traced back to China or Egypt. You can read about the use of flax fibre here. In ancient times, all parts of crops were carefully used.  Therefore, flaxseeds were also used as food. Flaxseeds are rich in plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and useful fibres. Therefore, flaxseeds are still used today as part of a healthy diet.

Why use flaxseed for skin care?

Flaxseeds are also useful on the skin. It is one of the world’s oldest cosmetic ingredients. There is a huge amount of skin-loving ingredients packed in flaxseed. That’s why flaxseeds have been used for beauty care for thousands of years.

As I was investigating the use of flaxseeds in skin care, I found even a few patent applications for flaxseed products for skin care. Applying for patents is expensive and no-one does it based on light reasons. The company applying the patent based its application on the polyphenol, lignan, contained in flax. Flax contains a unique lignan that can revitalize tired skin and increase its ability to absorb moisture. Flax lignan is able to act on the surface of the skin, strengthening the skin’s own defence system.

Flax production is ethical and local. You can easily find flaxseeds produced in your own home area. Flax is very often also available in organic form. Always use organic ingredients for skin care.

Flax is suitable for almost everyone’s skin. It does not contain potent plant chemicals that cause sensitization. Yet again; Everybody can be allergic to anything. If your skin is sensitive, test first the flax on a small area of ​​your skin (not your face).

Who wouldn’t like to test a new, safe moisturizing ingredient on their own skin? In fact, I myself have tried  flax seed in skin care already few weeks. I couldn’t be more convinced about flaxseeds in skin care.

Effect of flax seeds on the skin

  • Flaxseeds brighten the skin
  • Flaxseeds reduce the pores in the skin and make the skin clear
  • Flaxseeds increase skin moisture
  • Flaxseeds reducs the swelling of the skin, making the skin firmer
  • Flaxseeds can be used to exfoliate skin (body scrub)
  • Flaxseeds soothe acne
  • Flaxseeds are anti-inflammatory. They soothe red skin after sunbath

How flaxseeds are used in skin care

Flaxseeds are hard and dry oilseeds. If you are grinding flaxseeds, the omega-3 fatty acids inside will come in contact with oxygen. Omega-3 fatty acids are spoiled quickly, they rancidify. You should keep the flax seeds as whole and grind them only when you need them. The thick, dense shell of the seed keeps all the oleic acids and other active ingredients fresh for a long time.

Flaxseeds composition improves when you soak them overnight in water. If you want to use flaxseeds for gentle peeling, always use soaked, ground flax seeds Dry ground flax seeds are very sharp and can damage your skin.

Flaxseeds suit very well for home-made cosmetics. The useful ingredients of flax are perishable. That’s why flax is a very challenging ingredient in commercial cosmetics. However, you can grind the desired amount of flaxseeds whenever you need to. This way you can get them absolutely fresh.

From flaxseed you can make nurturant cosmetics


Whole flaxseeds do suit best for facial masks and intensive skin treatments. In daily cosmetics, it is best to use flaxseeds as mucus.

You can make masks from flaxseeds for both dry and acne skin. All you have to do is just change the ingredients that are needed for your mask. Flax is good for many skin problems.

Recipes for flaxseed cosmetics can be found here. I will collect all my recipes in the “Recipes” tab to help you find them there.

Have you already tried flaxseeds in skin care? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section!

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