How do I start making cosmetics?

Do you want to try making cosmetics by yourself? Have you dreamed of a product based on ingredients of your choice? In case you have, you’ve probably been wondering how to get started. Even if the instructions are simple, there are still many open questions. A successful start gives the best possible motivation to continue the hobby and end up as a skilled cosmetics maker. By writing this article, I want to give recognition to people making homemade cosmetics and cosmetics courses.

There are many different ways to study cosmetic formulating

Conventional cosmetics courses are held generally everywhere, especially in autumn. I collected dates of events to my blog’s event calendar. Anyone who wants to inform new event is more than welcome to do so. You can choose

  • basic courses in cosmetics
  • advanced courses in cosmetics
  • cosmetics workshops
  • online courses in cosmetics
  • cosmetics with different themes; dogs, Christmas gifts, children, etc.
  • detergent courses
  • soap courses

How do I choose the right cosmetics trainer for myself?

Cosmetics courses are offered in community colleges, adult education centres and other publicly funded schools. In addition to this, there are few companies that organize cosmetics courses and workshops.

Of course, you should choose the course location near to you. The second criterion is, of course, the topic of the course. If you want to learn how to make emulsions, you should not choose a soap course. In the detergent course you’ll only learn how to make detergents, not cosmetics.

Feel free to contact the course organizers

If for some reason you can’t find a course that suits you, you can suggest the course content you want to the course organizers. You can also try to gather a suitable group yourself and design the appropriate content for the course together with the course leader. Many course leaders also offer services for small groups.

Online courses in cosmetics

Cosmetic formulating can also be studied online. The good thing about e-learning is the independence of time and place. You study at any time, at your own schedule. You can study where it suits you. even if you are not in direct contact with your trainer during the online course, clear instructions will help you progress in your hobby.

Why studying cosmetics is important

Of course, you can also make cosmetics yourself. You may not need courses at all. If you only make fresh masks or other simple products, a cosmetics course is not necessary. However, you may want to make other products as well. It is already good to start making latches and balms under the guidance of a professional teacher.

In the cosmetics course, you will really learn many important things about making cosmetics

  • shelf life of products
  • packaging
  • handling of raw materials
  • the properties of the raw materials and their suitability for your own skin type
  • procurement of raw materials
  • recipe design and ingredients
  • product finishing
  • the content of cosmetics; this also benefits the buyer of industrial cosmetics

You will have access to all this information if you apply for a cosmetics course. In addition, you have the opportunity to ask the teacher everything that bothers you or is still unclear.

I study cosmetics from books, isn’t that enough?

Books are great sources of information when studying how to make cosmetics products. I myself have a huge number of herbal books as well as books about making cosmetics. I’ve written a book myself; “Homemade Cosmetics: Raw Materials and Preparing”. It deals with natural raw materials used in cosmetics.

However, the making of cosmetics cannot be left to books alone. The theory in the books doesn’t just turn into practical skills. The preparation of the emulsion and ointment must be seen and tried at least once. Therefore, a cosmetics course is almost essential if you want to go further in your hobby.

The preparing of cosmetics in groups is cheaper

Saving money is one of the very significant advantages in making cosmetics in courses and workshops. If you would like to make cosmetics as a Christmas gift, you need many different ingredients.

Of course, you can only make cosmetics using only a couple of ingredients; herbal bath salt = salt + self-dried herbs + packaging. It is also cheaper to make such a product together with others.

The advantage is particularly pronounced when you prepare products with several special ingredients. With many workshop-type cosmetics courses, you only pay for the ingredients you use. For example, if the cream recipe contains five different oils, it is expensive to obtain them in small quantities. In groups, you can take advantage of larger and cheaper package sizes.

Get new ideas from the courses

Even an experienced cosmetics maker can get a new kick in their hobby with cosmetics courses. The course usually shares the latest ideas for making your own products. Christmas gift shops are a good example of this. It is sometimes very frustrating to try to figure out good ideas for Christmas gifts. At Christmas cosmetics workshops, you get ready-made ideas and ingredients for their implementation.

You should learn the basics of making cosmetics, even if you buy all your cosmetics you use

The making of cosmetics is interesting and instructive. You can see yourself what ingredients are used in cosmetics, what is useless and what is necessary. When you master the basics of making cosmetics, you can also better evaluate the products you buy. The course introduces you to the most common cosmetic ingredients. You will also find the same or similar ingredients in the cosmetics you buy. Mastering the basics of cosmetics will make you a more conscious consumer.

Have you ever participated a cosmetics course?

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