Jade; a skin care gemstone

More and more often cosmetics with ingredients that come from gemstones are found. Gemstones store energy. They are like kind of electronics. When you hold a power stone in your hand, your own vibration changes to match the vibration of the stone. Our feelings and our own energy level affect our own well-being very much. In particular, it can be noticed in the condition of the skin. Known as power stones, gemstones are used in cosmetics in many different ways. I will tell you about the most common power stones and how they are utilized in cosmetics. Today I will tell you about jade.

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Jade is familiar from gua sha instruments

Many have already jade skin rollers today. In my own cabinet I also found two jade rollers and also a guasha spatula made of jade. Katja Kokko, a Finnish beauty expert, has commendably made gua sha technology known to Finns. He has given gua sha courses and talked about the methods in social media as well.

It is no coincidence that gua sha instruments are made of jade. Jade is a stone associated with ceremonies and beauty.

Jade is not just a Chinese stone

Jade is traditionally considered as a Chinese stone. It is true that in China the jade has been uses in the making of objects for millennia. It is a very soft stone and is easy to work with. Due to tradition, the value of Jade in China is higher than in the rest of the world. In China, small boxes and statues made of jade are still a popular gift today.

Jade is very abundant throughout the Americas on its Pacific coast. Burma, or Myanmar, also produces a lot of jade.

The origin of the stones should be carefully verified. There is a lot of unethical mining going on around the world.

Jade is not just one stone quality

There are two different grades of stone that are called jade; nephritis as well as jadeite.

Nephritis is more common and less expensive. nephritis is calcium-magnesium silicate. It is white or green in colour. The colour of green nephritis is slightly yellowish. Usually, gua sha instruments are made of nephritis.

Jadeite, on the other hand, is a sodium-aluminium silicate. The colour of jadeite is green. Purple and yellow jade are also rare stone qualities.

There are also numerous other types of stone called jade, although they are not actually jade. Jade is also dyed to improve quality. That is why it is worth buying gemstones from a reliable merchant who is responsible for the quality of the stones and can prove the origin and the quality of the gemstones. If you buy power stones, it is very important that the stone really is exactly what you bought. The energies of the stones are very different. Make sure you get genuine stuff from the seller.

Jades of different shades of green have different effects

When purchasing jade, you should pay attention to the colour of the stone. Whether the gem is jadeite or nephritis may not be as important.

  • Light shades soothe and bring serenity
  • Dark colours increase focus and ground electricity

The mental qualities of jade in skin care

Both grades of jade, nephritis as well as jadeite are really well suited for skin care. Different grades of stone are used in skin care in different ways. Jade is best suited to the gua sha technique. Gua sha is a Chinese form of treatment that liberates meridian channels and causes energy to flow. The treatment is based on a massage method which in itself is an effective therapy for the skin of the face and neck. Jade enhances gua sha with its own energy.

The essence of jade is peace and serenity. The vibrations of the jade are soft and calm. Jade does not have strong energies and is therefore not suitable for the production of crystalline water, for example. The following properties are attached to jade

  • honesty
  • peace
  • maturity
  • life force
  • self-acceptance
  • self-love

Often jade is green in colour. The colour green always indicates a healing property. Jade treats the skin. The deeper the green colour in jade, the more caring effect the stone has.

In skin care, jade has a very cleansing effect. Its vibrations work to remove toxins and rejuvenate the skin. Particularly clogged skin needs jade treatment. Jade also opens up lymph clogs on the face and causes energy to flow. This will reduce the swelling and make your face look younger. Be sure to use jade on the skin of the neck as well.

How is jade used in skin care?

If you want to try jade in skin care, I recommend you become familiar with the gua sha technique. Gua sha is the best way to take advantage of the healing and calming effects of Jade.

The benefits of Guasha to your skin are incredibly great. I definitely recommend giving it a try because it

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Removes swelling from the face
  • Firms the skin
  • Better lymph circulation
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Effectively absorbs moisturizer

Jade rolls can also be used as chilled. Put the roll in the refrigerator. A cool roller reduces pores and brightens the skin.

Before you start gua sha treatment, I recommend that you get to know your jade beauty accessories better. Jade items should always be placed in the southeast corner of the home. This is how they bring happiness and prosperity with them.

You can also meditate with your jade stone. Even if you don’t practice meditation, you can still hold jade in your hand every now and then. This will make your gemstone closer to you.

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Creams and oils combined with jade therapy

With the jade roller, you can treat your skin as it is. Just clean your skin first of makeup. The jade roll is very caring. Jade feels on your skin as if you were applying a full cream to it.

You can also combine guasha rolling with moisturizer. With the help of a roller, you can get the moisturizer absorbed really efficiently.

You can choose any skin oil you like. Use only pure, high-quality oil or a mixture of different oils. You can apply a lot of oil to your skin and finally wipe off the unabsorbed oil.

Cleaning jade objects

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After use, the jade roller and other gua sha accessories should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Dead cells come off the skin. There is still a layer of oil or moisturizer on the surface of the stone. They should always be carefully wiped off. In this way, no bacterial layer is formed on the surface of the stone.

If you want to clean your jade items thoroughly, also use soap. After washing, shake the jade objects and dry thoroughly. Never wash the jade with hot water or soak it.

Are you familiar with Gua Sha?

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