Magical herbs; make homemade cosmetics in the Halloween spirit

In honour of Halloween, I write this time about the magical effects and beliefs of herbs. I have picked up for you a number of herbs you can treat yourself and your loved ones at Halloween. At the same time, you will get to know the spiritual properties and traditions of herbs. Many herbs have been popular precisely because of the spiritual properties associated with them. There are cleansing herbs, protective herbs or herbs that give us a calm mind. Many magical herbs are already very familiar to us. So, you don’t have to go very far to find cosmetic ingredients for Halloween products.


Learn about the history and magical effects of herbs

All of us do have our own favourite herbs, the scent of which soothes and gives us a good mood. Behind of almost every wild plant, there is also a fascinating, magical story. Some of the old stories and the effects of herbs may have been forgotten. However, the main magical herbs are still known. The most popular magical herbs contain just the most effective antioxidants and other active ingredients. Next, I will tell you about the most common and effective magic herbs.


Basil is an herb that is a very popular spice in the kitchen. There are many different variations of basil. Different basils differ in both appearance and taste. The holy basil, or Tulsi, which is very popular in India, is a legendary plant. The holy basil is associated with Hindu religious rituals as well as Ayurvedic medicine.

You can also use basil available in shops for your products.

  • Basil is a common herb in Italy where it is considered a great cleanser. In Italy and Spain, basil branches are spread on the floors to cleanse the home of negativity.
  • In Orthodox European countries, the basil is believed to ensure the opening of the gates of heaven. Therefore, basil is used to sprinkle wedding water and decorate churches.
  • The basil is believed to drive away evil spirits. When plague raged in Europe, basil was used to fight the disease and give strength to infected people.


Chamomile is an herb for sleep and meditation. Gentle and fragrant chamomile shoud also be included in ypur Halloween beauty products.

  • Chamomile is used to protect and clean people as well as the home. You can also use chamomile as incense. Chamomile can be spread around the home to protect it from magical forces. It also brings balance and peace to our minds.
  • Chamomile is also known as the flower of luck. A chamomile wreath in your hair attracts suitable spouse candidates.


Lavender is a flower of peace and love.
Lavender has traditionally been used in bath products and as a room fragrance.

  • The scent of lavender gives a good sleep.
  • Lavender is also associated with magic and spells. It is a popular herb in cleansing rituals related to spirituality and mind balance.

Artemisia vulgaris aka Mugwort

We simply must include Mugwort into the group of magical herbs. I think artemisia vulgaris has been mistreated. It is a powerful plant.

  • Mugwort is widely used in incense. It is often associated with fortune-telling as well as dreams.
  • Mugwort is also a particularly cleansing herb. It brings out dark things from the mind that require treatment.
  • Mugwort gives you permission to dream. Great things pop into your mind. You can enjoy your dreams, say, in a foot bath with added mugwort.


Yarrow is an herb that is more and more popular in cosmetics. Yarrow is one of the best medicinal herbs. There is hardly any problem that cannot be treated with yarrow.

  • Yarrow is also a particularly magical herb that has traditionally been used to increase love and courage.
  • People with a sensitive mind can use yarrow in their cosmetic products such as ointments.
  • Yarrow is also used to increase courage. As the feeling of fear intensifies, take a bunch of yarrow in your hand.
  • It is also a good idea to hang a bunch yarrow over the bed. This is how you’ll guarantee seven years of passion and love.
  • Yarrow is at its best as a bath herb. Add yarrow to your bath water. It will help you improve your mental abilities as well as reject negativity.


Sage is a familiar herb for those who have made incense themselves.Sage usually has a strong, aromatic scent.

  • You can use all sage for incense. White sage is the most popular of them. It is an ancient magical herb used by the Indians. Each sage species has slightly different effects on incense. So, you can also use ordinary rye sage. Sage removes negative energy from the home
  • Sage is also a kind of lucky herb. Put a sage leaf in your wallet to keep finances in balance.
  • You can also write your secret wish on a sage leaf. Put the leaf under the pillow in the evening and wait for the wish to come true.


Rosemary protects against evil spirits. It is necessary, because on Halloween there are plenty of them on the move. Rosemary drives away negative energy.

  • Rosemary is considered as an herb for good memory and sharp intelligence. Rosemary boosts you, for example, during the exam season to remember better.
  • Rosemary is an herb of love, which cares for and comforts the wounded mind
  • Also use rosemary for healing and enhancing feminine power
  • Use rosemary in ritual oils to strengthen your own spiritual abilities


The rose is used to be seen as a symbol of love. Also, as a magical herb, rose represents love.

  • Rose soothes and heals the centre of heart
  • The rose will comfort you when you miss extra hugs and love in your life
  • The rose teaches you to love yourself
  • Prepare a comforting and mind pampering bath by adding rose petals into the bath water.

Use magical herbs in cosmetics

All the magical herbs listed above are perfect for homemade cosmetics. They all have an incredible amount of plant power that will pamper your skin. You can also benefit from the spiritual effects of these plants.

Prepare using magical herbs

  • herbal oils
  • herbal infusion
  • ointments
  • bath salt
  • herbal baths for the feet or the whole body

Make your own Halloween-themed beauty products as a gift or for your own use!

Kuva Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

In the old days, people cured diseases mainly with herbs. Healing was often accompanied by spells and magical aspects. The spirituality was considered to play important role in human health.

Halloween is a time when we can experience the atmosphere of old days, at least for a moment. We can enjoy mystic, magic and the world of magical herbs. A nice Halloween gift could be, let’s say, some herbal cosmetics with magical effects. You can prepare products from magical herbs for Halloween. Wrap the products in exciting packages and name them according to the magic effects. Include stories about the spiritual properties of herbs or a spell according to the product.

How do you spend time at Halloween?

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