The effect of the moon in beauty care

Do you feel how the moon have an influence on you? The moon orbits the earth and affects us in many different ways. The full moon time is difficult for many of us. Sleep is intermittent and we are very sensitive emotionally This is a familiar time for many of us.

The moon affects different people in different ways. There are very strong energies during the full moon. The cycle and phases of the moon affects us also during other times than just the full moon. In ancient times, people followed the moon closely and synchronized their working with the moon. The moon affects not only the cycle of nature, but also our health. Let’s see what effects the moon has on skin health and beauty.

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The moon phase calendar is an old invention

In the moon phase calendar, the month is interrupted by two important phases of the moon; New moon and full moon. The new month is said to be the time when the moon stays between the sun and the earth. This way the moon is not visible at all. This time was also called black moon before.

The time of the new moon continues during the waxing moon, which lasts about 13 days. The moon is first just a small sickle, which then grows into a round full moon in 13 days. The moon has now orbited the other side of the earth. When the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon, there is a full moon. The moon is a bright, round ball in the sky.

After the full moon, the moon begins to decrease again. We are talking about a waning moon. The phase of the waning moon also lasts about 13 days.

These two phases of the moon and the new moon and full moon affect the lives of people and nature on Earth. For example, the tidal phenomenon is due to the effect of the moon on the earth. If the moon is able to move the waters of the oceans, then it could as well influence the human lymph circulation. The old lunar calendar is based on this reasoning.

How do different lunar phases affect people?

Studying the lunar calendar is interesting and addicting. There are always new details to find. If you do not want to dig the subject very deeply, then just remember the waning moon and the waxing moon.

During the waxing moon (about two weeks), the body receives very efficiently everything you want to give. The body is also able to effectively utilize all the nutrients. The body and skin are strengthened and beautified in the eyes during the waxing moon. The active ingredients in the creams are well absorbed into the skin and make the skin glow.

During the waning moon, the body easily removes waste products. If you get a wound during the waning moon, it will bleed more than during the waxing moon. The active ingredients of creams and other skin care products are not absorbed into the body and skin very well during the waning moon.

Astrology and the phases of the moon

If you want to track the phases of the moon, the most important thing is to know whether it is the waning or waxing moon. If you want to study more, learn to combine the lunar phases with different zodiac signs. There are certain optimal days in the lunar calendar for skin care, haircut, nail surgery. For each day, the lunar calendar indicates which animal sign that day represents.

  • Capricorn days are very conducive to skin care. If you want to nourish your skin with a refreshing mask, choose a waxing moon and a Capricorn Day. If you want to apply a deep cleansing clay mask to your skin, choose a waning moon and Capricorn day.
  • The days of lions and virgins are best for haircuts, regardless of the moon phase. If you’re wondering what causes bad hair days, remember the effect of the moon. On fish and crab days, hair should never be cut.
  • Always remove body hair during the waning moon so they grow back slower.
  • You should always book a day of a Capricorn for nail care. On a day of Capricorn, just cut nails become especially strong and grow well.
  • Massage and gua sha work well in both the waning and waxing moons. The question is about what affects you want from a massage or gua sha. Conventional, dehydrating massage and gua sha are especially effective during sleep. The lymphatic circulation then works well and the body is able to remove waste products efficiently.
  • If you are taking a refreshing and invigorating herbal massage, do it at the time of waxing moon. Likewise, if you want to absorb nutrients into your skin using a gua sha roller. The skin is much more receptive at the waxing moon time.

Organic skin care also means living according to the rhythms of nature

Today, people live very hectic life every day. Every single day must be equally effective, refreshing, beautiful and energetic. This is not the case in nature. There are always ups and downs in nature. After summer comes autumn and winter. Eventually a new spring and summer will come. Nature draws breath and gathers strength for new growth. Spring and summer is the time to show the most beautiful sides of nature. If you’re wondering why your skin isn’t always smooth and fresh no matter the treatment, it’s just because of the cycle of the nature. Even the skin needs to rest and breathe in order to be radiant again.

The phases of the moon can also be seen in nature

The phases of the moon can also be seen in nature; waning moon and waxing moon. The ancient people knew exactly how they affected on plants and people. The waxing moon absorbs liquids and the waning moon pushes liquids out. In plants, you can clearly see how the different phases of the moon affect the effectiveness of herbs. For example, nettle collected during the waning moon is a cleansing herb. If you collect nettles during the waxing moon, it will work nourishingly. I always collect nettles during the waning moon, as I only use nettles for hair washing. I can also use the same nettle in the early winter internally for detox cure.

During the waxing moon, the skin usually looks healthier. The skin then has a lot of moisture and nutrients. Even if you do not take care of your skin, it seems to glow with its own beauty without even treating it. Because the body is also able to absorb more nutrients during the waxing moon, the skin also benefits from this.

During the waning moon, the skin looks more tired. The pores are larger as the skin cleanses itself. Even a few pimples may appear just about the time of waning moon. Then, don’t worry about your skin at all. It is not worth using refreshing masks as the skin cannot receive them. Take advantage of the natural cycle and help cleanse the skin. Drink plenty of clean water, exercise in fresh air and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

During the waning moon, it is important to protect the skin from excessive drying. That is why it is advisable to use products that contain sea buckthorn oil or macadamia oil, which strengthens the surface layer of the skin.

How different phases of the moon can be considered in skin care

Now that you know the basic principle about the effect of the different phases of the moon, it’s really easy for you to use your knowledge in practice. Listed below are skin care routines that you can implement according to the phases of the moon.

At the time of the waxing moon

  • Use nourishing, vitamin-containing creams
  • Make caring face masks
  • Perform scalp revitalizing treatments
  • Dye your hair and eyebrows
  • Pay attention to your own healthy diet as now all the nutrients are well absorbed by the body
  • Remember that harmful substances are now easily absorbed. Avoid additives and city pollution. Stay in fresh, oxygenated air.

At the time of the waning moon

  • Perform cleansing facials such as clay, salt and peat treatments
  • Gua sha treatments for the face to remove fluid
  • Leave out nourishing creams and focus only on protecting your skin from excessive drying.
  • Exfoliate the face, body and scalp
  • Perform cleansing pedicures
  • Perform scalp cleansing treatments
  • Remove hair colour and mineral deposits

Try yourself how different phases of the moon affect skin care

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If you haven’t tried to live according to the phases of the moon before, I recommend you give it a try. People have lived in Finland for millennia following the moon. All of this is old genetic information that has been passed down from generation to generation. I’m sure if the advice hadn’t been good, it would have been left in the darkness of history. However, according to the moon, people are still living. Gardeners, farmers, fishermen, police officers, the sick and many other professionals take the moon into account in their work.

For example, try the same skin treatment first in the waxing and then in the waning moon time. Do you notice the difference? The skin behaves differently at different times of the month.

Have you noticed how the moon affects you?

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