Herbal serums, tinctures based on oil

I’ve told you in the previous post how to make herbal oil. It’s a slow process, even if you use the so-called fast method. In this recipe I will teach you how to make an effective and nutritious oil from fresh herbs for skin care quickly. Preparation time is just a few minutes.

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Plants are rich in various phytochemicals. Some of them have very positive effects on the skin.

Plants contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are good especially for aging skin. To get the most out of plant antioxidants, you should avoid prolonged heating.

Antioxidants are highly soluble in water

There will be less transfer of antioxidants from plants to herbal oils that are produced by extraction.

Skin products should be treated in the same way as food products. To avoid destroying vitamins and antioxidants, use preparation methods that do not heat plants too much.

Make cosmetics just for yourself

Homemade cosmetics do not have to look the same as industrial cosmetics. Industrial cosmetics creams and other products are developed based on very different ideas than homemade cosmetics. Big business thinks about the shelf life of years. The appearance of a product, such as packaging, fragrance and feel, are also very important. These qualities are not so important in homemade cosmetics.

When making the cosmetics by yourself you do not have to think about am. limitations. You can try different things. The key element is to find your own plants you like and capture their active ingredients. I myself have created a herbal serum based on fresh herbs and seeds.

Basic recipe – please add your favourite herbs

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You can use green and fresh sprouted crop for this tincture. This is a basic recipe and therefore you can freely use your imagination. Principally, anything green goes. In the summertime, there are plenty of wild herbs available. They are just waiting to be picked up. For example, when used in a fresh herb serum, the plantain or Alchemilla could be really worth a try. Oh, I miss the summer!

Gotu Kola

I once found a fresh gotu kola in an oriental shop. It is one of the best anti-aging herbs I mentioned in my previous post. My skin became more beautiful than ever when using gotu kola serum. The wrinkles seemed to disappear just like that. Gotu kola is a very mild and soothing herb although it is one of the most effective. It is worthwhile looking at the vegetable and herb selections of ethnic shops.

So, feel free to experiment with this recipe and preparation technique. You can discover the secret of youth ? This recipe gives you all the power and nutrients of plants.

Next:  green, fresh options to try

  • Wheat sprouts, skin brightening and cleansing effect
  • Oats shoots, soothing skin
  • Sunflower shoots, very effective anti-aging effect
  • Leaf cabbage, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Rosemary, a milium controlling effect, use in small amounts together with a milder plant
  • Basil, use small amounts together with a milder plant

Sprouted seeds contain a particularly high amount of plant power. For winter-tired skin, nothing is as welcome as the fresh shoots and sprouts when consumed internally. Now, however, we are trying the sprouted harvest externally to the skin.

This is a wonderful recipe you should definitely try.

Health Benefits of Sprouted Harvest.

Sprouts do

  •  enhance hair growth
  •  are high in vitamin A
  •  contain an amazing number of antioxidants that prevent changes caused by aging
  •  contain a rare vitamin K
  •  contain minerals such as iron and zinc
  •  prevent dandruff. They help to fight Malassezia fungus, which causes dandruff.
  •  contain biotin, which is important vitamin for hair growth and skin.
  •  are rich in vitamin B, which is important for healthy skin.
  •  stimulate collagen production through vitamin C

Here are just a few benefits of sprouts.  Eat sprouts, at least in late winter, when the rest of the green stuff is of poor quality and mostly imported. The sprouts you eat will also eventually make your skin look and feel better.

Benefits of fresh sprouts and shoots on the skin

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We can provide the same vitamins and antioxidants of the sprouts also when used externally. When applied to the skin

  • Fresh sprouts and shoots add brightness to the skin.
  • Fresh sprouts and shoots cleanse the skin. They are also commonly used on acne skin.
  • Thanks to their antioxidants, fresh sprouts and shoots reduce fine lines on the skin.

For fresh herb serum you will need

(Please note that all ingredients must be obtained as organic quality only)

  • A fair handful (approx. 1 dl) of sprouted vegetables, I personally recommend wheat sprouts, sunflower sprouts and some fresh rosemary, fresh basil goes as well
  • 1dl-1.5dl sunflower oil, safflower oil or rice bran oil, by adjusting the amount of oil you can adjust the strength of the product
  • 1 tablespoon of peeled sunflower seeds – if desired
  • Clean mesh gauze cloth for straining
  • A small bowl for draining herb glycerite
  • Glass bottle for herbal glycerite

Do this

  • Put all ingredients in blender and grind as fine as you can. I used a particularly small shredder / blender that I usually use to make a pesto. This is a bit like a pesto, but perhaps even finer.
  • Lit the mixture onto mesh gauze cloth
  • Wrap the mixture inside the gauze as tightly as possible.
  • Now, all the deep green, aromatic oil is draining into the small bowl below.
  • Fresh herb serum is now ready for use in skin care

This kind of serum is not an actual herbal oil. It does not last very long as it contains juice from plants.

Pour the serum into a small bottle. Serum will be preserved in the refrigerator only up to one week. Do not add any preservatives. It would ruin the idea of ​​a fresh herb serum. Serum should be as fresh as possible.

How to use fresh herb serum

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Since you need to use this serum for less than a week, you should try it not only to your face and neck but also to your arms. Wet your hands before applying the serum. Apply a few drops of serum to your skin in the evening after cleansing your face. Leave on for 20 minutes or half an hour, perhaps a bit longer. Remember possible allergic reactions!  Wipe away gently with facial tissue.

Do not leave the serum on your skin overnight

The serum is green in colour and your pillow will be green as well in next morning.

I really can warmly recommend this serum. The serum, especially made from wheat shoot, brightens the skin incredibly beautifully. Because the plants are freshly grounded and added into oil, all their active ingredients are preserved. The amount of vitamin C begins to decrease somewhat immediately. One week is therefore the maximum shelf life for this product.

Tip: If you are busy and want to try green extracts on your face, you can try dried wheatgrass powder. It can be mixed with either sunflower oil or honey. The honey version, in particular, is a perfect mask for dirty skin.

Now you can just try the recipe! Please tell me how did you like it.

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