Moisturizing Night Cream for winter skin and superhydrating glycerine mask

The moisturizing night cream for the winter skin is easily completed by half-products. This recipe works like a face mask. However, you may want to spread it only a thin layer on your skin. Then it acts like a night cream. You can use as neutral facial cream as you want for this night cream. As neutral as possible means, in this case, a very mild perfumed, without sun protection and with minimal other active substances. This gives you a powerful, moisturizing and gentle Treatment overnight. In the morning, the skin feels really moisturized and reformed.

I’m an oil freak. I think oils are a very essential part of cosmetics. You should carefully focus on choosing the right oil. There is own oil for every situation and every skin. This recipe has sunflower oil which is suitable for most skin types, a fact I already mentioned in my blog. Rice bran oil is very good for dry skin and aging skin as well. Where to get it – online stores are the best source.

The facial creams I make usually myself. I am so used prepare my own home cosmetics that buying a regular cream from the store would make me feel uncomfortable. However, I do buy more complex natural cosmetic products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. But the day cream and basic cream are very simple in structure. I am minimalist in many respects. I want simple and only necessary ingredients containing products. We can always tune-up a simple, basic cream as we are now doing for this super-moisturizing cream.

Mix ratio for super moisturizing night cream

  • 3 parts basic facial cream, your choice
  • 1 part rice bran oil or cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • 1 part glycerol
  • Mix all ingredients together well and apply gently on your face and neck


This cream mixture can be well prepared for a week’s need and stored in a refrigerator. I would say it would last at room temperature at least a week.

Glycerite with fresh cucumbers


I am really excited about these glycerites. I have personally tried many versions, including probiotic glycerites. They will refresh quickly tired skin.  Especially in the winter there is a real need to get skin moisturized, when the surface layer of the skin begins to suffer dryness.

Everyone knows the very traditional cucumber mask; Thin cucumber slices are applied to the skin for half an hour. Very good and effective mask for the face. The cucumber is perceived as gentle and soothing in facial treatments. Now, however, we will tune up a little bit of our cucumber to even more moisturizing and it will become a glycerite.

Glycerites are usually made by herbs extraction. These glycerites are used for creams and salves. Highly effective glycerites can be made quickly out of fresh plats containing lots of water. There should be plenty of water in plants as glycerol should be diluted at least half of the volume. 10 ml of glycerol and 10 ml or more fluid is the right ratio. There is 98% water in cucumber, so it can be defined as liquid.

You can inspire yourself by creating fresher glycerites from juicy vegetables, fruits and berries. Naturally, when dealing with fruit and berries alpha-hydroxy acids should be remembered. They can be too powerful for the skin.  I myself do prefer only low- or no acid plants Like

  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • papaya
  • Boiled potato
  • Boiled rice
  • Coffee grounds

You do not necessarily need gelatin at all of these ingredients unless you add liquid to them. You can also make mixtures of different fruits and vegetables.

The only real challenge is how to keep moisturizing glycerite mask on the face. The paper disposable mask helps a lot. You can just irrigate the mask in the mixture and spread it on your face. If you don’t have a paper mask you should make the mass thicker. There are many options what to add. Here are three of them.

  • Gelatin or gelatin, powder or sheets
  • Agar-agar flakes or powder
  • Glucomannan powder

I prefer gelatin because it contains collagen. Collagen is a skin building material and very good in the masks. Vegans for sure know that gelatin is made out of pig skin. Last two options are suitable for vegans. The gelatin can be prepared from the plates or powder according to the instructions in the package. I myself have added a bit more gelatin than what is mentioned in the instructions.

Option 1 Gelatin powder

You need

  • 1 tbsp gelatin
  • 2 tbsp cucumber juice
  • A small piece of organic cucumber shells
  • ½ tbsp glycerol

How to do

  • Mix the gelatin and 2 tbsp cucumber juice and heat up in microwave 15 seconds
  • Wash and mix a small piece of cucumber with a blender
  • Measure 1 tablespoon of cucumber puree and ½ tbsp of glycerol in a container
  • Mix the gelatin-cucumber mixture with glycerin and cucumber
  • Give the mixture a moment to cool down in the refrigerator. The mixture must not become a jelly.
  • Apply cucumber mask to the skin with brush. Avoid the sensitive area around the eyes
  • Let it work for about 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Option 2 Agar-agar powder

Agar-agar is seaweed and suitable for vegans. It is also used in marmalade so the product is very safe.

Follow previous instructions but replace gelatin with ¼-½ teaspoonful of agar-agar powder.  Agar-agar can be either powder or flakes. They are gelatinous in different ways. Check the packaging for the correct dosage if necessary.

Option 3 Glucomannan powder

Glucomannan is the same plant from which lovely Japanese Konyak mushrooms are produced. The powder is usually used for weight control because it swells in the stomach, causing a feeling of fullness. The Glucomanane is sold in the shops selling sports nutrients as well as in the health food stores. The packaging sizes are at least hundreds of grams, but the product is inexpensive.  The Japanese use the Glucomannan mainly Intestinal well-being. It works like a prebiotic helping the growth of intestinal flora. It also has other health effects. The substance is therefore very safe to use.

Please add the Glucomannan carefully because It swells slowly in the liquid, so pay attention. These quantities are very small in such a small portion. Teaspoon is far too big as a measure.

  • You can add a very small quantity glumannane in the mask base first. This means just a gram or two. Wait for half an hour and check the thickness.
  • If you have Glucomannan capsules, you can open one capsule and use the powder.
  • Stir, wait for half an hour and apply the mixture with a paintbrush on your face.


These instructions are very simple and current. Worth of trying! Do you have your own tips for restoring winter dry skin?

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