Olive oil-based skin scrub

Olive oil suits well to the body peeling purpose. It is an antioxidant and skin nourishing oil. Olive oil suits best for skin care and body products of ageing skin. Olive oil is not recommended for acne-prone skin. It clogs the pores easily and stimulates acne.


Although olive oil is not the best oil for facial care, it can be used to make a skin scrub for body. Buy only extra Virgin quality olive oil. It still has all the antioxidants left. I personally prefer Greek and Spanish organic olive oils. You can find them in big supermarkets. There are usually several options to choose from.

Vegetable Butters

To this skin scrub I have added also mango butter and shea butter. They are very popular now and many may have them already.

Shea Butter

Mild and full-bodied shea butter is a great addition to this body scrub. Shea butter is originally an African beauty product. Traditionally, shea butter is also used in cooking in Africa. Its natural colour is ivory but very often it is also sold bleached. I personally like the untreated quality but some people may find its odour unpleasant. I myself don’t smell anything unpleasant. You can order shea butter from several online shops. Here is a tip:  You can order it fairly because you can use shea butter as it is for dry skin, cracked heels, hardened elbows and more.

Mango Butter

Mango butter is a popular, hard fat in home cosmetics. It smells lovely and is very caring. Mango butter is made from fat derived from mango seeds. It suits best for body care and wash-away products. The fatty acid composition of mango butter is not suitable for facial products. Mango butter may block some people’s pores.


As an exfoliating ingredient I am using a very fine sugar. Sugar is a very common exfoliating agent. It does not harm the skin but is still a very effective ingredient. Sugar also moisturizes the skin. Choose very finely ground sugar, but not powdered sugar as it will not peel. Fine ground sugar removes dead tissue more efficiently from the skin, but is even more gentle than coarser sugar quality.


 I used ginger as an active ingredient. Ginger has tremendous positive qualities. It activates the skin’s blood circulation and improves metabolism. Ginger makes this product a good cellulite cream. Be sure to use only dried, ground ginger, which is sold as a spice. Fresh ginger is too moist for this recipe. There is no room for moisture in peeling products based on sugar. Otherwise the sugar will begin to melt and the peeling cream will be spoilt.

For mango-ginger skin scrub you will need

  • 50ml solid shea butter
  • 50ml of mango butter
  • 75ml of olive oil
  • 130ml of very fine sugar
  • 1 tablespoon powdered, dried ginger

Do like this

  • Measure shea butter, mango butter and olive oil in a double boiler or water bath
  • Using low temperature cook until all solid fats have melted
  • Lift the pot off the stove and allow it to cool slightly but not solidify completely
  • Mix the sugar and ginger powder and add melted fat
  • Stir and can, use lids
  • Peeling cream remains good for several months if it is free of moisture or dirt.
  • When using the cream, always use a clean spoon for picking up the amount you need and close the jar carefully.

Olive oil can also be used to make herbal ointments, which are healing products. Olive oil is a very preserving oil. It does not rancidify as easy as sunflower oil. In herbal ointments, long shelf life is an advantage. We will take a closer look at herbal ointments in the summertime. There will be plenty of herbs both in nature and in the garden.

This scrub is so simple and effective that you really should try it.

How did you like it, please share your experiences in the comments section!

2 answers

  1. You don’t say how to use this. You call it a peeling cream. Is it that or an exfoliate? The recipe looks great. I’d just love instructions on how to use it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your interest.
    Yes, you’re right – this product is an exfoliate, not a peeling cream. Sorry for the wrong expression.

    Here is a guideline on how to use the exfoliate:
    You can use the exfoliate only once a week.
    Use your hand to apply it on your body. Rub gently, use rotating motion.
    Spend more time with your elbows and knees.
    Clean your skin by using a warm, moist towel and take a warm shower. If needed, use mild soap or shampoo.

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