Scented, Moisturizing Hair Spray

Essential oils can be used in many products. Their active ingredients can be used as remedy to skin problems. Essential oils also slightly improve the shelf life of the product and give it a luxurious finish. At their best, however, they are in products where their fragrance is evident.

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Make your own perfume

You can make your own perfume from essential oils very easily. Mix only the carrier oil, a neutral base oil, and a combination of your favourite essential oils. Perfume can also be designed for alcohol. The scent of self-made perfume does not last as long as industrial perfumes. This is because cosmetics industry is using fragrance-fixing ingredients such as diethyl phthalate (DEP). However, all phthalates are very questionable chemicals that everyone should definitely avoid.


Phthalates have been found to cause hormonal disturbances, nerve damage and damage to the human reproduction organs. The fragrances are very often in the form of a spray, so that they spread around the people in the same space, even if they do not use the fragrances themselves. So, it is recommendable to make perfumes yourself, or to buy eco-certified perfumes only.

You can design the fragrance by using the following formula. You should have

Four different types of essential oils

  • Citrus scents such as grapefruit and tangerine
  • Floral scents such as rose and lavender
  • Herbal scents such as rosemary and mint
  • Resinous and resinous oils such as cedar or pine

Basic scents of perfume, aka, the base notes of fragrances come from soothing and resinous coniferous scents. The lighter parts of the perfume, aka the top notes are based on citrus fragrance. They evaporate first. Middle scents, the middle notes or heart notes bundle all 3 notes together. The scent of middle notes comes from flowers. These 3 scents make the perfume. Additional herbal scents are completing the whole.

For your own perfume you need

  • Small spray bottle (glass)
  • 100 ml of 40-60% alcohol
  • 40 drops of essential oils from the four different groups mentioned above.

Do like this

  • Pour alcohol into the bottle.
  • Drop a few drops of root fragrance or coniferous essential oil first.
  • Add a few drops of citrus scents, a few drops of flower scents and a few drops of herbal scents
  • Make a note of how many drops of which fragrance have been used.
  • Smell the mixture and make the decision about what fragrance you are going to intensify, then smell it again and spray it slightly on the skin. The odour on the skin changes slightly.
  • Take a break and go out for a while as your nose needs rest. Continue after 30 minutes.
  • Continue adding and dropping the drops until all 40 drops have been used. The process can take hours as you sometimes have to pause. Remember, it is your choice which oils (scents) you prefer!

Scented, moisturizing hair spray

Adding essential oils to the liquid is usually problematic. Essential oils are not water soluble but remain floating on the surface of the liquid. So, you should always remember to shake the product well before use.  Because we are humans, this does not always solve the problem. I have many times sprayed my face using facial water prepared myself – and forgot to shake before spraying. The essential oils are on the surface of the water. In case you pour the facial water from the bottle to a cotton bad without shaking, all the essential oils are there in the cotton bad.

How to add essential oils to the formula?

My solution to the problem is solvents. Alcohol is the best solvent but not so good for the skin. Glycerol, on the other hand, is good for the skin and also acts as a solvent. It is sugar alcohol.

 I have added essential oils to this hair spray to make essential oils to solve. Glycerol also has another good feature. It is slightly sticky and at the same time gives hold and volume to the hair. If you suffer hair electricity, try this fragrant glycerol spray.

The main thing is the scent

I have deliberately left the essential oils for your consideration. Principally it is the same which essential oil you use. The main thing is the scent. Choose a fragrance that suits you and your personality. Or use the scent you already have in your beauty box.

You will need these for a scented, moisturizing hair spray

  • Small spray bottle, glass
  • 100 ml of boiled water
  • 20 ml glycerol
  • 10 drops (or less) of your choice of essential oil

Do like this

  • Pour boiled water and glycerol into the bottle
  • Drop the essential oils into the bottle
  • Close the bottle and shake vigorously, the scented hair spray is ready

Tip: If you find the spray too sticky, reduce the amount of glycerol by half (10 ml). The essential oil is still soluble in the liquid, but glycerol is no longer so dominant.

And now you can just try these recipes!

Tell us how did you like the products you made!

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