Rice Bran Oil is one of the Most Useful Skincare Oils

Thai Rice Bran Oil

I was so excited when I started to write this article about rice bran oil. I wanted to do it already long time but I couldn’t find time earlier. Rice bran oil is one of the best base oils used in cosmetics. It is neutral, almost odourless and suitable for almost everyone’s skin. Rice bran oil is really suitable for many purposes. On top of all this, it has absolutely great properties in both skincare and cream formulation.

What is rice bran oil?

Rice, as we know it, is a fat-free grain. Oils cannot be squeezed from rice grain. Indeed, all the fat contained in the rice is located in the outer husk of the rice, in the bran. This husk is removed from the grain during the processing of the rice. After removal of the outer husk, both white rice and bran are obtained.

Rice bran contains a lot of fat, antioxidants and vitamins. Bran is actually the most nutritious part of rice. The fat content of rice bran is about 12-13%.

Rice bran oil is a cornerstone of Asian skin care

Rice has always played an important role in Asian beauty care. In Japan, women have used paddy rice for skincare, hair care and baths for centuries. The husk of paddy rice is rich in rice bran oil as well as antioxidants.

Today, rice bran oil and other rice-extracted products are also used as a beauty product everywhere in Asia. Especially the skin-brightening effect of rice bran oil is highly admired. Rice bran oil is an integral part of the Asian beauty routine for skin brightening and whitening.

Rice Bran Oil has many good properties

I like rice bran oil so much because it has so many good properties in the same package.

  • Rice bran oil is a particularly good base oil. It is a tasteless, odourless, colourless and mild oil that can be used as a base for creams and oil extractions.
  • Rice bran oil is well absorbed into the skin, it does not cause pore clogging
  • Rice bran oil protects the skin, retains moisture in the skin and improves the skin condition
  • Rice bran oil is well tolerated and is also suitable for very small babies.
  • Rice bran oil is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Rice bran oil behaves well in emulsions

Rice bran oil contains an incredible amount of skincare ingredients

The caring ingredients of rice bran oil are effective specifically in fighting the signs of skin aging.

  • Rice bran oil is rich in tocotrienol, which is a very powerful vitamin E. Tocotrienol is particularly important in fighting the signs of skin aging. Tocotrienol is a powerful antioxidant that also acts as an oil preservative.
  • Rice bran oil contains an antioxidant called γ-oryzanol. It is a compound found only in rice. The percentage of γ-oryzanol in rice bran oil is about 2%. It is able to protect skin fats from oxidation. γ-oryzanol soothes and brightens skin colour. γ-oryzanol is also added to UV products as it greatly supports the effectiveness of the actual sunscreen.
  • Rice bran oil also contains B vitamins, beta-carotene, coQ10 antioxidant and lycopene. These are all antioxidants that fight free radicals on the skin.
  • Rice bran oil contains ferulic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant in grains that protects and regenerates the skin. Ferulic acid works in conjunction with vitamins E and C.
  • Rice bran oil is a skin protective oil. Its fatty acid content is unique. Because of its high palmitic acid content (about 21.5%), it is able to protect the skin from external stimuli such as wind, sun and dry air.
  • Rice bran oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is good for the skin (approx. 34%). Therefore, it is absorbed into the skin really well and does not clog pores. There is about 38% oleic acid in rice bran oil.

How can I use Rice Bran Oil in homemade cosmetics?

You can use rice bran oil in virtually any cosmetic product. If I could only choose one oil for my products, I would choose definitely rice bran oil.

  • Use for oil extractions; rice bran oil is a much more preservative oil than sunflower oil or any other oil. You can prepare all your herbal extracts in it in case you want to preserve them up to 6 months.
  • Use as a base for creams; rice bran oil is suitable for almost all skin types. It is at its best on aged skin but suits for a young person’s skin as well.
  • Use for lecithin emulsion creams. For some reason, you will get the best result by using rice bran oil.
  • Use in outdoor products; thanks to palmitic acid, rice bran oil protects the skin from external stimuli
  • Use for oil cleansing; rice bran oil is suitable for oil cleansing either as such or in combination with castor oil.
  • Use as an oil serum and skin oil; rice bran oil is a suitable base for oil serums. Boost the effect with special oils such as rosehip seed oil or evening primrose oil.
  • Use for masks; rice bran oil brightens the skin
  • Use small amounts for hair care; rice bran oil increases the shine of the hair and moisturizes the scalp
  • Use as such as bath oil; rice bran oil is also suitable for very small babies

Rice Bran Oil is a product worth trying


After reading this, you certainly do not wonder why I consider rice bran oil to be one of the best oils for cosmetics. I am quite certain you want to try rice bran oil. You can get it from food stores or online stores that sell products for homemade cosmetics.

Have you ever used rice bran oil?

3 answers

  1. Discovered this oil a few years ago, I’m 78 had dry skin all my life, it’s wonderful, I agree with everything in this article, I use it when I sit in the sun instead of normal sun cream, (not the hottest part of the day) I never burn and tan slowly. I also use it for cooking.
    No one believes my age, only have fine wrinkles now, they had been worse before I started using rice bran oil which I researched first.
    I mix it with basic Aqueous cream for cleansing and add a little to everything else. Magic.

  2. OMG! For many years, I have used Rice Bran Oil that I purchased first as a massaging oil from an Apothecary shop. It was recommended by my massage therapist.
    Little did I realize it was great for the face!! I use for cleansing , mix with foundation and as a nite oil.
    It is easy to apply, so inexpensive and provides the nutrients needed for my aging skin.
    Can’t say enough about this Rice Bran Oil!!! Save your $$$$ ladies, go Rice Bran Oil!!!!

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