Rock crystals balance the skin’s function

Rock crystals are one of the most well-known gemstones. Quite many of us have seen objects made of rock crystal. The rock crystal is one of the most popular gemstones. This time I will tell you how you can use rock crystal in cosmetics.

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The rock crystal belongs to an extensive family of quartz stones

The rock crystal belongs to a wide range of quartz stones. The word “quartz” is derived from the German word “Quarz”. The word means hard in the old German dialect. The name crystal comes from the crystal-like structure of the rock crystal and its transparent, bright colour.

The quartz mineral is silica. Silica is silicon to which oxygen is combined. Quartz is the second most common mineral in the earth’s crust. It has crystallized over time from molten magma.

There are many colours of quartz. The stones are coloured by various minerals such as iron. Rose quartz is pink quartz. Other known quartz species include amethyst, Citrine and Smoky Quartz. Each type of quartz has its own characteristics.

This time I’m talking about rock crystal, which is ice-clear quartz. The ancient Roman naturalists believed that the rock crystal is ice that has been frozen permanently. They based their claim on the fact that rock crystal was found in the Alps, near glaciers.

Rock crystal is mined all over the world

In the series on cosmetics gems, I last wrote about jade. Jade is a highly prized gem in Asia. The rock crystal is equivalent to jade in Europe. Numerous vases, decorative sculptures and jewellery have been made of it over the centuries. In Europe, rock crystal is found in mountainous areas such as the Alps and Norway. Today, rock crystal is mined all over the world.

The spiritual side of the rock crystal

The clear rock crystal is the material from which the famous crystal balls are made. From the crystal ball, the fortune teller is able to see the future. The value of the rock crystal as a spiritual messenger has lived for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Due to its strong spiritual qualities, the rock crystal has also been a healing stone for Australian Aboriginal people. They call quartz maban, from which they draw their mighty spiritual powers.

In the metaphysical world, bright rock crystals are the greatest gift from Mother Earth. In many cultures, rock crystals are considered to be the petrified spirits of the gods. It is believed that they come back to life every hundred years.

The bright rock crystal opens the spirit and mind to receive higher guidance and energy. The rock crystal always resonates the energy transmitted by its user. The rock crystal acts as an exporter of the message between the spiritual world and the physical world. It can be used to maintain a high enough energy level for healing to take place. That is why the rock crystal is also called the “Master Healer”.

How does rock crystal work in beauty care?

Rock crystal can help the skin in many different ways.

  • Rock crystal boosts the immune system and thus helps the skin stay healthy.
  • The rock crystal vibrates at its own frequency with its very balanced and healing energy. That is why the rock crystal is called a master healer.
  • Rock crystal is silica, which is rich in oxygen. Oxygen is the primary nutrient for the skin. Oxygen brightens the skin and makes the skin look fresher.
  • Rock crystal enhances the effect of active ingredients in skin care products. Water infused with rock crystal should be used as a basis for the products.
  • You can also use oils infused with rock crystals in your products. Rock crystals release energy into oils in the same way as water.
  • Rock crystal effectively revitalizes tired skin. If your skin is tired and lifeless, try rock crystal.
  • Clear rock crystal helps fade small skin lines and wrinkles. It is a true “master healer” that repairs minor skin damage and balances skin function.
  • The rock crystal has a positive effect on all chakras. Chakras belong to an ancient Indian tradition like yoga and Ayurveda. Chakras are human energy centres, all of which have their own role in human well-being.

How do I use rock crystal in cosmetics?

The use of crystals in cosmetics is simple. The easiest way is to infuse rock crystals in water. The crystals transmit their own energy to the water. You can use the infused water in the aqueous phase of cosmetic products or as such as a toner.

It is a good idea to infuse hydrolats with gemstones. Lavender, mint or lemongrass hydrolat, for example, is well suited to the energies of the rock crystal. If you want to use gemstones in finished products, remember that the stones will be dissolved in a very acidic environment.

Make your own rock crystal infusion

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Boil 5 decilitres of water and cool down to room temperature. Place the rock crystal in a clean glass can and pour water over the crystal. Close the can lightly and place in a bright place, for example on a table or window sill. Allow the infusion to take place for a few days. You can shake the can lightly at times but do not open it.

Remove the rock crystal, dry it, and place it in a bright place to clear it. Use the infusion to make cosmetics. This infusion is very suitable for every skin type. The energy of the rock crystal is genderless, so it can be used by everyone. Infused rock crystal water is especially suitable

  • For cleaning products, rock crystal is a very cleansing stone
  • Toners to bring energy to the skin
  • For caring creams to give energy for healing

Infusions made of precious stones are not suitable for internal use. Because the infusion contains water, it will not last long unless you add a preservative.

Have you tried crystals in skin care?

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