Rose, the queen of flowers

Now it is time to talk about rose. Rose is so popular in cosmetics that I should have talked about it long time ago. The rose is a classic ingredient in cosmetics and without it many products would be somewhat incomplete. Next you will hear the story of the rose and its gentle ingredients.


Roses have always been very popular in cosmetics

Roses have been used in cosmetics for a long period of time. The history of roses is truly vast. Roses have been around for 35 million years, well before human appearance on Earth.

For thousands of years humans have found the healing and skin-care qualities of the rose. In addition to these qualities, roses have something mysterious and fascinating. That is why it has reached the absolute number one position as a cosmetic raw material.

Why roses are so desirable cosmetic ingredients

Roses are popular in cosmetics mainly because of their stunning scent. The aroma of the rose is therefore the most important cosmetic property of the rose. Roses are romantic flowers whose effect fills all senses.

There are also some herbal chemicals in roses such as flavonoids and vitamins. Therefore, the effect of roses on skin care should not be underestimated. Roses have been used in herbal medicine for colds and burns precisely because of their vitamin content. Today, Chinese medicine still appreciates rose as an important healing herb.

Old legends tell about the mysterious powers of roses. The rose is considered a symbol of love. Of course, the scent of the rose together with the beauty have influenced to get the association of love. However, rose has been used in herbalist circles as a kind of “psychiatric drug”. Rose brings relief to those who are suffering the lack of love.  Rose oil is added to young children’s organic products to bring in more love. Of course, nothing beats mother’s loving lap. However, the rose will give the child more love if the mother’s lap is often reserved for little sister. A jealous or sad child desperately needs the love that rose oil can bring. You might want to try this tip. At least most kids like the scent of rose oil.

You can use the other parts of the rose than flowers

You are familiar with rose buds and rose petals, I guess.  There are many uses for them. You can also use rose hips, rose oil and rose leaves in cosmetics. Many parts of the rose are suitable as ingredients for natural cosmetics.

Rose Seed Oil (INCI name Rosa Canina Seed Oil)

Rose seed oil is often referred to as rosehip seed oil. It is one of the best ingredients in natural cosmetics.

Oil made from rose seeds can be prepared using different methods

Oil made from rose buds

The best quality rose seed oil does not contain any Rosa Canina Fruit Extract. Pure rose seed oil is green in colour. It has no rose scent (unfortunately).

There is also rosehip oil which also contains rosehip extract (Rosa Canina Fruit Extract). This kind of oil is not the best quality.  However, it is good material for cosmetics and skin problems. Because rosehip oil contains the fruit part of rosehip, it can also irritate sensitive skin.

There is also a mixed rose seed oil available, which is basically a blend of other oils. Rosehip extract is then added to the oil. This product may contain many ingredients even though it is marketed as rosehip oil. Such products are not necessarily low-quality products. They can be great for the skin. However, if you want oil made from rosehip seed, make sure you have the right product before you buy.

Unfortunately, the name of the product does not tell much about the content. If you want pure rose seed oil with no rose hip extract, please read the INCI list carefully.

Noble skin oil

Many people use rose seed oil as the only beauty care product. I’m not surprised at all. Rose seed oil is one of the best skin oils. I also do use rose seed oil quite often in cleansing oils and in facial creams. Rose seed oil is made from seeds inside the rose buds. Rose seeds are squeezed using the cold pressing method. This way the oil retains its freshness, its vitamin and its antioxidants.

Rose seed oil is a highly absorbent oil. It contains about 54% of linoleic acids which are very suitable to the skin and other linoleic acids about 20%. It means the fatty acid composition of rose seed oil is ideal.

Rose seed oil also contains many herbal chemicals that are good for the skin, such as phenolic compounds and carotenoids. Carotenoids are precursors of vitamin A. Vitamin A has many beneficial effects on the skin.

Rose seed oil also contains high levels of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant.

Rose Hips

Photo Peggy Choucair Pixabay

Rose hips are real anti-oxidant bombs. They contain enormous amounts of vitamin C and carotenoids. Rosehip is a very powerful ingredient in cosmetics. It should never be applied to the skin as it is. Even a small amount of rose hips is enough to bring antioxidants to the skin. In home cosmetics, I recommend the use of rose hips in wash-away products such as facial masks and shampoos.

Rosehip is very sour. It is a very useful and worth trying ingredient in acid rinses as well as in pH balancing facial lotions.

Rosehips are also a true superfood full of vitamins and antioxidants. They make the skin glow. Try rose hips in smoothies or porridge.

 You can get probiotic cosmetics from rose leaves

I have prepared a lot of probiotic homemade cosmetics. My story about fermentation and probiotic cosmetics is here.

It is easy to collect the green leaves of the rose for probiotic cosmetics. Fermented rose green leaves are a very neutral ingredient. They are not too acidic and do not contain dehydrating saponins. The green leaves of the rose are also easy to collect. When fermenting, it is advisable to prefer plants that produce plenty of acidic mass.

The rose is an outstanding plant, a flower in its own class


I am definitely recommending you to take a look at the rose. It is a multi-purpose use plant that suits well for many uses other than perfume. It is worth learning what you can do with rose. There are individuals for whom rose seems to be a must in all skin care products. Children, in particular, benefit more from the rose than we can imagine. The rose gives more love to their lives. There cannot be too much love in the life of a small child. The same thing is true with us adults as well.

Rose is also an inexpensive and at the same time luxurious ingredient in cosmetics. A drop of luxury for your lotion will make you feel pampered. Only few plants have such an effect.

Learn how to use rose in cosmetics. The rose is a very ancient plant that existed long before man inhabited the earth. It has a lot to give us.

Have you ever tried rose seed oil on your skin? Tell me about your experiences! You can comment on this blog’s comment section, on helenatur Facebook page or on Instagram @helenatur10.

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