Small daily choices

Small daily choices we do have a big impact to many important matters like allergies and oversensitivity of which both we humans and our pets are suffering.

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Reducing the chemical load has a direct impact to the condition of waters and climate. It is relatively easy to do every day positive environment protection acts right now and right here. That is why increasing discussion about everyday chemicals we use in home and about general consumption is extremely important. We need to expand our knowledge about our acts. I honestly believe that by selecting natural and simple things we can also influence our own health.

Safe chemicals, small daily choices

We are used to use different chemicals in our homes without questioning them at all. Many washing powders and liquids were in use already during our childhood and ever by our grandparents. Maybe that is why they feel safe to use. Only recently we have become aware of the fact that many common chemicals are causing serious symptoms and may be reason of our illness. In addition, they increase the pollution level in waters and atmosphere. Consequences are coming slowly, during decades and we do not necessary notice the change.

We are just waking up to the new reality

We must recognize things in a new way. The society including its official organs is also concerned about the situation but changes, if any, happen painfully slowly. Countless number of meetings, both national and international, agreements and follow-ups are required. Interests vary country by country. Also, financial interests as well as industrial opinions (we have to save jobs!) are often more heavy than environmental issues. In this kind of situation, we can take the responsibility to ourselves and start to do small changes. Own home and our sphere of influence is a very good beginning of more ecological life.

We should start the change by small steps

It is a basic rule in everything which is new. Small changes have better chance to survive as everyday practice than big steps. One should not underestimate own actions even in case when the act seems not very important like buying one deodorant bottle less in a month. All actions to reduce the use of chemicals are more than welcome. Right attitude matters. In case an individual has started to think about this issue and found out that there is something wrong in the consumption of people and therefore would not buy all the products he was planning to the road is open for a change. We really need this change.

Have you though about reduction of the chemical load by yourself?

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