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Solid beauty products are gaining more and more popularity. I wrote a blog post about solid cosmetic products some time ago. Solid skin care beauty trend is part of the zero-waste thinking, which is a very common phenomenon around the globe.  In Asia, where awakening to environmental problems is already happening, organic cosmetic products are becoming more popular.  The number of environmental-friendly manufacturers is growing in Asia, too. There are also manufacturers of organic cosmetic products In Thailand, a country famous of its aromatherapy bath products.


Solid cosmetic products are perfect for tropics

In tropical conditions, the composition of the cosmetic product is very different from the products mentioned to cooler climate. Traditional cosmetic product does require plenty of preservatives in the tropics. In addition, emulsifiers may suffer from constant heat. Organic cosmetic products contain safe preservatives but are they good enough in hot and humid atmosphere?

Water-free cosmetic products are really good alternative to traditional products in the tropics. Soap-based products do not need any preservatives. Solid beauty products are the only realistic choice to make organic cosmetic products for tropics.

Washing with soap soothes your skin

Nordic skin is very dry, both the sebum and moisture are usually missing. Tropical skin has different problems. Tropical skin is moist and usually only slightly oily, a perfect home for many microbes. Microbes on the skin are naturally a good thing, but sometimes a fungus and harmful bacteria can be found as well. This is quite common in the tropics. Soap-based washing products often remove oily skin and neutralize skin’s pH. Soap is actually the only recommended skin cleanser for tropical holidays.

Organic, solid beauty products

Soap Villa is a Thai beauty brand that produces organic cosmetic soap- and shampoo bars and other solid cosmetic products. The products of Soap Villa are high quality products, also the packages have style. At this point I want to emphasize the fact that I’ve purchased all the products by myself and I do not make any kind of commercial co-operation with Soap Villa.

In a typical Thai way, the Soap Villa has launched a huge amount of different scented soaps. Each soap contains its own tropical herbs. Each Thai herb has an old, traditional herbal remedy. In Thailand, herbal medicine is still very popular. People believe in the power of herbs just like in China.

Thai soap villa has created soap for every skin problem

All the soaps contain Thai traditional herbs. The herbs are carefully selected for each purpose. These soaps are designed mainly for the facial cleaning, but are also suitable for the whole body.

  • Lemongrass soap reduces skin pores, firms and moisturizes the skin
  • Turmeric soap improves skin’s functions
  • Aloe Vera Soap soothes and moisturizes
  • Tamarind soap protects the skin from harmful environmental influence and maintains skin health
  • Gotu Kola soap is very nurturant
  • Moringa soap is full of antioxidants. Moringa makes the skin feel very soft.

Soap Villa also makes shampoo bars


Shampoo bars have made a real breakthrough around the world, and now in Asia as well. Shampoo bars are particularly suitable for hot and humid tropics. All Soap Villa’s shampoo bars contain caring herbs for hair and scalp.

  • Butterfly Pea is Asian “weed” that grows on ditches. It is an incredibly beautiful, bright blue flower with powerful antioxidant effects. Butterfly Pea contains same pigment as blueberries; anthocyanin. Butterfly Pea is a mild herb that is suitable for almost everyone.
  • Acacia shampoo bar helps to detangle the tangled hair. The acacia makes hair smooth.
  • Kaffir Lime in the famous Thai herb. It is a good antibacterial, fresh and cleansing herb. Despite its antibacterial properties and cleansing ability, kaffir lime shampoo often cares for dry and itchy scalp.

Soap Villa black and white series

I bought black and white soap from Soap Villa myself. White soap contains milk and is a very gentle exfoliating soap. I use it on my whole body when needed.

Black soap contains effective, deep-cleansing activated carbon from coconut. Activated carbon soap is a must in major Asian cities. Air in Asian growth centres is much more polluted than in many European cities. Activated carbon soap effectively removes make-up and impurities from the skin.

Although I don’t use soap as my primary skin cleanser, I use it logically whenever needed. Stayin or just visiting in big cities puts a heavy strain on the skin. Then I choose lesser evil thing and use activated carbon soap for deep cleansing of my skin.

Soap is both an alkali and effective surfactant, a detergent, a sebum removing ingredient. After a soap wash, it is always good to neutralize your skin with something mild-acidic liquid. For example, a mixture of apple vinegar and water is suitable. I often use fermented herbal extracts or Molkosan mixed with water. Then the skin will also gain back the beneficial bacteria it has lost.

Soap Villa products are only available in Thailand


Currently, Soap Villa sells its products in a few stores in the Bangkok area, up north in Chiang Mai and on the beach city of Pattaya. Stores selling Soap Villa products are listed on the company’s website.

I’m really glad that Asia also is following the trend to resist synthetic cosmetic products. Many visitors buy cosmetic products as souvenirs and gifts from Thailand. These organic beauty products of Thai Villa are truly great buys. By purchasing these great products instead of synthetic cosmetics in Thailand, you are also encouraging Thai people to develop more organic beauty products.

What are your favourite homecoming gifts or items you want to buy from abroad?

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