Superfood for skin, 11 best herbs for skin care

Would like to learn more about herbs in cosmetics. What herbs do you prefer for your skin and hair? If you want to pamper your skin with superfood, read about the 11 best herbs for skin care.

For thousands of years, natural herbs have been healing humans, but they have also treated our beauty. The same herbs ancient Egyptians used for beauty care, do still exist. Because we make our own cosmetics by our self, we can always choose the best herbs for our skin.

Many herbs have real magic power in skin care. Some are gentle and soothing plants that soothe the skin. Read more how herbs can help your skin and choose the right plants for your skin.

Next, you can learn what plants are in the nature’s own cosmetic power pack, the 11 best herbs for skin care.

All of these herbs can also be used internally. It is worth of investigating more about the internal use of herbs.

11 best herbs for skin care

The order is coincidental. All the herbs I am presenting are unique. You can also use some of them together in the same product. According to my experience, 1-3 of them is maximum you can use in same product. Plants do contain complex compounds which may irritate the skin when used as big quantities. Use herbs only reasonably in order to save your skin.

I have added some products to the description of the herb that contain the herb in question. You can feel comfortable to click the links, I am not getting any single penny out of your click. And I do not get anything else either from the businesses in question. These links are just to give you ideas about the products available. In case you do not want to create your own cosmetics you can try these products.



Nettle is a very mineral herb. It rises early in the spring and boosts both the dining table and the skin after a long winter. Of course, the stinging nettle should not be used fresh on the skin. Make a braised herbal tea-like infusion.

Because the nettle is a mineral-rich herb, it is especially suitable for hair. Silicon in the nettle treats your hair and supports their growth. If your hair is dark, nettle rinse is absolutely essential for your hair. You can replace vinegar rinsing with nettle rinse. Look here to get the how-to do infusion. It is naturally acidic.

Nettle is also suitable for internal use.

Natural Cosmetics containing nettle

Mádara has introduced a complete set of cosmetics containing nettle.

Benecos shampoo has nettle and Melissa

I think the nettle is at its best in hair care products.

Calendula (Marigold)


The calendula is a very mild herb. If your skin is irritated or otherwise sensitive, try to add a calendula to cosmetics. The scent of calendula is refined and aromatic but not strong. Therefore, it is advisable to use calendula in products in which you want natural, not perfume scent.

Only use flowers of calendula for skin care. Leaves and stem have no value in cosmetics. Flowers should be dried for the winter. Dried calendula petals remain at least two years in usable condition. If the colour fades, just use a little more petal as they get milder when fading.

The calendula purifies the skin effectively. That’s why it’s the best ingredient for skin cleansing products. For example, calendula is suitable for gentle cleansing lotions and cleansing emulsions. Also use calendula for children’s products. You can also extract a little calendula for cleaning oil. Calendula can also be used in food preparation. It gives a nice colour to rice dishes, for example.

Natural Cosmetic Products Including calendula

Frantsila Bracelet Cream, a multipurpose cream that is suitable for babies You can use it to treat small skin problems. Soothes itchy skin.

 Weledan Calendulavoide, an old friend, which I have used a lot. In addition to the calendula, the product also contains skin-protective beeswax. That’s why it’s a good cream for winter use. Weleda products are top quality.


11 parasta yrttia ihonhoitoon

Chamomile belongs to aster plants. It is natural in Finland but quite rare. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain chamomile for cosmetic purposes from sellers of dried herbs. You can of course also cultivate chamomile in your yard. Chamomile has so-called. the weeds of the spades so it grows and blooms in a really sunny place. Use chamomile flowers in cosmetics. Chamomile stalks and leaves cannot be used to make creams and lotions. Chamomile has been used in cosmetics as a fragrance before the spread of perfumes. The luxurious, sophisticated scent is best found in essential oil of chamomile. The essential oil of German chamomile is deep blue in colour. It can also colour the product in addition to the scent. The main etheric compound of German chamomile is terpene called biabololine. Chamomile has antimicrobial. It is therefore recommended for irritated skin. Chamomile has also been found to contain anticonvulsant and soothing compounds. In cosmetics, chamomile can be used as a herb stew, i.e. by brewing chamomile tea with hot water. You can use herbal teas for facial water, hair rinsing (light hair) and as a foundation for creams. You can also extract dried chamomile in glycerol or oil. One very useful way is to grind dry chamomile into dust. You can add such flower dust to, for example, powders and talc. How do You Make Chamomile Strawberries? Visit the recipes page for instructions on braising herbs. Use the chamomile internally as a tea. It calms and gives a restful sleep.

Natural cosmetic products containing chamomile

Argital Chamomile Cream is an Italian natural cosmetic. Cream soothes and refreshes the skin. At least Ruohonjuuri sells it. The product is of DEMETER quality.

 Frantsila natural toothpaste contains chamomile

Aloe vera

11 parasta yrttia ihonhoitoon
Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has already dealt quite extensively with this blog. I think it’s an absolute herb for beauty care. I prefer aloe Vera gel for hair washing and as a substitute for a conditioner. Aloe Vera Gel is an antimicrobial and caring product. It suits well to form creams and lotions. Aloe Vera is quite gentle on the skin. However, some are very allergic to it, so it is advisable to test the gel before use. An allergic or hypersensitivity reaction may not occur until a few days have passed. That’s why you should test your aloe Vera gel for longer on the skin in an unobtrusive place.

Aloe Vera is also used internally as a juice. Aloe Vera juice, for example, helps with bowel problems. However, before taking the juice, make sure you are not allergic to aloe.

Natural cosmetic products containing Aloe Vera

Eubiona Aloe Vera Night Cream. Eubiona product line is eco-certified natural cosmetics. The products are made of high-quality raw materials. For example, this night cream has 70% aloe vera.

Gotu Kola,

Fresh gotu kola

I chose the gotu kola for the cosmetics superstars because of its unique properties. Gotu Kola supports the connective tissue of the skin. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary for aging skin. It has been found to be a superior anti-aging herb. Gotu kola can also be used to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin. Gotu kola has skin healing properties. So, you can use gotu kola if your skin is irritated and needs special attention. For example, it is advisable to try gotu kola products to treat acne scars.

In Korean skin care kits, gotu kola is called cica. It is highly appreciated in Korea because of its incredible features.

Gotu kola should not be used regularly on the skin. Already in a week, the treatment makes wonders for the facial skin.

How can you use gotu kola in cosmetics?

Gotu kola is very suitable as an active ingredient of facial masks. Since gotu kola is only suitable for limited period of time, it is advisable to limit the use of face masks a few times a week.

You can also add gotu kola extract to the moisturizer and use it as a night cream for about a week. However, first check the suitability of the gotu kola for your skin. It is a very mild herb that is used as a salad and or braised in Asian cuisine. You may still be allergic to gotu kola.

Gotu kola is used in Asian kitchen as raw material for fresh salad as well as in other foods. The taste is bitter and resembles dandelion leaves. We use gotu kola as a herb in the form of extracts. You can grind the pill in the mortar and mix it with the cream. If you do not want to apply a solid substance to the cream, you can use the extract.

Natural cosmetics containing Gotu kola

Antos Lifting Serum This serum contains a lot of naturally occurring ingredients, as well as gotu sprouts or gotu kola.

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

11 parasta yrttia ihonhoitoon
Liquorice root

liquorice is a herb that stimulates the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Always use liquorice only limited period of time as it is a fairly potent herb. Liquorice soothes reddening skin. It also curbs inflammation. That’s why I recommend trying natural liquorice powder for acne.

liquorice smooths the skin’s pigment and makes your skin’s colour even. In Asia, liquorice is also used to lighten the skin.

liquorice is suitable for internal use. It raises blood pressure, so ask your doctor’s advice on the internal use of liquorice. liquorice is also not suitable for all drugs.

Natural cosmetics containing liquorice

HURRAW! liquorice Lip balm is 100% natural cosmetics. In this lip balm, the task of liquorice is to season and sweeten the product with a natural flavour. HURRAW! is from USA.


Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)

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Fresh green tea

Green tea is a very powerful antioxidant. All antioxidants fight against the causes of skin aging. Green tea is also bitter and has tannins. Tannins contract pores. Prepare the green tea for a brightening peel on your face. Find recipe here.

Green tea is so versatile. You can create incredible many products using green tea. Use tea leaves by brewing tea or grinding them finely. You can also use Japanese ground green tea, matcha.

How would you feel a foot bath in a green tea or a relaxing, pore-reducing facial spray of green tea and chamomile hydro late or chamomile flower water? You can use minced green tea  to peel and masks. It is an unbeatable raw material for hair care. Green tea prevents hair loss and, as an acidic substance, also substitutes for acid rinsing with vinegar.

I always wonder why to use bad smelling vinegar as a hair rinse, when there are so many acidic and good smelling alternatives.

Green tea is also a very good, stimulating and healthy drink.

Bio: Veganen’s 24-hour Skinfood cream contains genuine green tea and licorice.


11 parasta yrttia ihonhoitoon
Fresh turmeric

Turmeric is a ginger-like plant from Southeast Asia. In addition to its superior health effects, turmeric is a very good raw material for cosmetics.

Turmeric is at its best as a mask. You could not treat your skin better than covering it for 20 minutes with a turmeric-yoghurt-honey mask. Although turmeric is intense in colour, it brightens the skin and soothes acne and other skin irritations. If you do not get all the colour of turmeric away from your skin, make an oil purifier. The colour of turmeric is oil-soluble and will not remain on the skin if oil is used for cleaning. I very often make turmeric mask on my face.

Turmeric is better known as a spice. It is one of the main ingredients of the Indian curry spice mix and at the same time a very effective antioxidant for the whole body.

Unfortunately, I could not find any natural cosmetic turmeric products that are for sale in Finland. So, it’s a good idea to make a turmeric mask yourself. I will make a separate blog post about turmeric and I will add some recipes as well.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalus)

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Rosemary is an aromatic lipstick plant with a wonderful fragrance. The fragrance of rosemary is said to eliminate stress and increase concentration. The effect of rosemary is based on its essential oils. Rosemary is commonly used in skin care when extracted with oil. The essential oil of rosemary can also be used when mixed with a suitable neutral carrier oil. Carrier oil is a neutral, skin-friendly base oil such as sunflower oil or safflower oil.

The use of rosemary-based creams makes the skin elastic. Rosemary effectively improves skin surface blood circulation. Rosemary helps dry skin to retain its moisture. That’s why it’s also a good addition to dry winter skin creams. If your skin is prone to milium, rosemary can bring relief. As an antimicrobial herb, rosemary is also suitable for acne.

Rosemary is most commonly used to treat scalp and hair. It is antimicrobial and thus prevents the spread of bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp. Rosemary oil can also be mixed slightly with tea tree or basil essential oil to enhance the effect. A little bit more power for rosemary oil treatment can be achieved by heating oil carefully.

The braised infusion made by rosemary stimulates hair follicles. Rosemary also prevents hair loss.

A strong extract of rosemary is often used as a preservative for natural cosmetics along with grapefruit extract. Rosemary extract has almost as good preservative properties as grapefruit extract.

Due to its strong and fine aroma, rosemary is one of the most popular herbal flavourings with countless applications.

Natural cosmetics containing rosemary

Bioemsan Rosemary Shampoo is a product worth of trying. It is rich in extracts of various herbs and of course rosemary.

Greater burdock (Arkticum Lappa)

Arcticum lappa

Greater Burdock in the picture is photographed in the spring, so it’s not very big yet. During the summer, the handsome Greater burdocks will even grow up to 2 meters high.

Greater burdock is a friend of dry skin. If your skin needs moisture, it is advisable to prefer cosmetics made from Greater burdock’s leaves. It is not easy to find them from shops. That’s why it is better to make your own greater burdock creams. You can also use the roots of the plant, but you must be sure you are digging on your own land.

There are very few dry skin plants. That’s why I chose the Greater Burdock on this list. Prepare infusions, oil extracts, or glycerides. The Greater burdock can also be fermented. Fermented natural plants are really valuable for the skin.

The Greater burdock contains particularly moisturizing, slimy ingredients. These ingredients deeply moisturize the skin naturally and gently. Greater burdock also contains a lot of flavonoids, important minerals as well as vitamins for skin needs.

Greater burdock is a gentle herb that does not irritate sensitive skin. It does not contain high levels of acids or other skin irritants. Sure, somebody can be allergic to a GB. All new herbs should always be carefully tested on your own skin before you actually start to use them in skin care.

You can also use GB for hair care. It gives dry hair moisture without greasing the hair. Ecotourists greatly appreciate the GB:s in their products. You can read more here.

The Greater burdock is a fully eatable plant. If you happen to find a GB from your own yard, you can dig up its roots. The roots are used as food, such as mustard

Natural cosmetics with greater burdock

Here Finnish handmade herbal cosmetics. Spruce sponge cream also contains GB extract. This ointment dates back to the old times and the Finnish folk tradition.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

11 parasta yrttia ihonhoitoon

In Finland there is no tradition to use basil in cosmetics. It is perceived in Italian cuisine as a tomato friend. However, basil is one of the superheroes of skin care, the king of herbs. The Basilica name comes from the Greek word “Basileus” which means the king. There are many different varieties of basil, but here we are talking about spice basil.

Basil is always best as fresh. When dried, basil loses a lot of power.

Use fresh basil extracted with oil. Most of the active ingredients in the basil are dissolved in oil. You can prepare emulsifying ointment or skin cream based on Basil oil. You can also use basil oil as it is on your skin.

Basil increases the metabolism of skin cells. It is useful in the treatment of aging skin and in case of skin problems. Basil has the ability to reduce skin stress. The skin looks younger and more relaxed after the basil mask.

You can also use basil for dirty skin. Basil prevents the action of harmful bacteria and microorganisms on the skin. It cares for acne and makes the skin to clean itself more effective. With the Basilica you can prevent blackheads on your skin.

Basil brightens the skin and makes the skin glow. It has a lot of flavonoids that have an antioxidant effect.

Natural cosmetics with basil

Florame Basil Oil is a certified natural cosmetic. Florame is a French company producing high quality essential oils at Provence. This oil should always be added to a clean base oil such as sunflower oil or rice bran oil. You can add a few drops Florame Basil Oil, for example, to cleansing oil.

Here’s a good selection of herbs that you should definitely try out in cosmetics or finished products. There is a huge number of herbs suitable for cosmetics.

Tell us what is your super herb no 1

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