Why did I start blogging about cosmetics ingredients?

Now is the time to tell about me and my life to you, my dear readers; who I am and why I started blogging about raw materials of cosmetics. I will also tell you about my life outside of blogging.


How I became familiar with natural lifestyle

I have always enjoyed nature and liked simple things like cooking using only natural, non-processed organic ingredients.

Where did the interest in natural lifestyle come from? I believe it dates back to my childhood. When I was a child, I spent a lot of time walking in the woods with my grandfather. I learned a lot about nature, plants and animals. The forest was a centre of peace and harmony for me, an opportunity to calm down. It was also a place for endless learning. Since those days I have enjoyed walking in the woods and picking up herbs, mushrooms and berries.

Nowadays I have three children who already live on their own. When the children were young, I tried to look after them in a very natural way.

As a mother of young children, I got together with people thinking same way and who also loved herbs, nature and natural life. When we met up, we talked about organic stuff, childcare, cooking and housekeeping. I made organic food for my family and had a garden plot growing organic vegetables. I also studied homeopathy, organic farming and herbal medicine. I started treating myself and my children with natural herbs. At home I did not want to use synthetic chemicals, I rather bought organic detergents and natural cosmetics.

I was constantly learning more about natural nutrition, herbs, and housekeeping. Studying natural life was a really welcome change to my childcare. Perhaps there has always been a little researcher inside of me!

I know how difficult it is for mothers of young children to study things when their hands are full of work. I wanted to study more the field of natural products but life took me elsewhere.

Natural cosmetics is the balancing factor to demanding work

I have not done my career working in the world of herbs or cosmetics. I have worked in corporate administration that is really far away from herbs and cosmetics. I have looked after financial management, human resources management and general administration of SMEs. I am also responsible for the computer programs and software packages. I have always been fascinated by information technology, as have as all new, challenging projects.

In spite of my very demanding and time-consuming work, I have always had time for my beloved hobby, the natural herbs and lifestyle.

I still collect a lot of herbs and I enjoy participating in herbal groups. Over the years I studied the field really versatile. A few years ago, I finalized my herbal therapist studies with Henriette Kress to deepen my knowledge. The studies lasted two years. It was a very rewarding time. I learned a lot about herbs and herbal medicine. I understood how herbs should be treated to make ointments and tinctures. I also learned how to cure simple ailments with herbs.

Herbs should be valued and respected

I learned to respect herbs. Herbs contain a huge amount of plant chemicals. Overall, the effects of herbs on humans has not been scientifically studied. The knowledge of old, skilled herbal therapists is therefore vitally important to save for future generations. With their help, knowledge of the use of herbs is passed on. I learned also how important is to use herbs correctly. Many herbs are suitable for medical use only. However, they are often found in daily cosmetics. This is what worries me.

Herbal cosmetics is very interesting

Years ago, I learned how to make cosmetics for my own pleasure. DIY-cosmetics was also part of my herbal therapy studies. Natural cosmetics started to fascinate me. I had learned that everything we apply on the skin will be absorbed to some extent by our body. That’s why I wanted to influence what I put on my skin. I wanted to make useful products for my skin. My own atopic skin was also one important reason why I wanted to make my own products. Treating my own skin problems introduced me to safe, natural cosmetics. I found ingredients that took care of the skin without irritating it at all.

Getting the knowledge about cosmetic ingredients


Cosmetic products generally contain many ingredients. What is the purpose of all of them? Does the skin really need a huge amount of different plant extracts? Why do some oils seem to fit the skin better than others? With these questions in my mind for many years, I collected information about plants, chemicals and skin care from various sources. I tried different products and made my own recipes for cosmetics. I got really extensive notes and empirical information on the subject. I wrote down my observations and recipes.

Finally, I published my entire research as a book, “Cosmetic Raw Materials and Manufacturing,” so that everyone else can benefit from my work. Whenever I think about skin problems or the suitability of ingredients of a product for certain skin type, I come back to my book. It is a huge reference book and database for the home cosmetics maker but also for the buyer of natural cosmetics.

I keep on writing on the Helenatur blog

The Helenatur blog was created just after the book was published. The Helenatur blog has always been a completely non-commercial forum. I haven’t made a blog to make money with it. That’s why I can honestly say things I consider important and must-know more openly than commercial bloggers. I enjoy my freedom to write about things that interest readers and myself. Sometimes I praise some products just because they are really so good.

Some things about my life

I’ve lived all my life in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Last 20 years I have lived in over 60-year-old single-family house. I live with my husband. We have had 2 dogs but we decided not to have a 3rd one. When the dog’s time is full the final farewell is too painful.

My dearest hobbies are Natural cosmetics, herbs and environmentally friendly living. In addition to these, I am very active in the gym and enjoy walking in nature.

I also have a garden, which means busy summer. I have personally designed and built my garden. I don’t like big machines in my yard and that’s why my whole yard has been completed with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. I also grow herbs and other ingredients for creams and other cosmetics in my garden.

In summertime we travel to Europe. I particularly like the romantic countryside idyll in Central Europe. Last summer we made a trip to Germany, to the scenery of Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard von Bingen was a famous nun, musician and herbal therapist who lived about 1000 years ago. She wrote many books, which can still be ordered (mostly with original text) from bookstores. I warmly recommend you Hildegard herb books. Hidegard’s music is also calming and beautiful.

In addition to the Helenatur blog, I also write the Helecleaner blog. It is about natural housekeeping, everyday life without toxic chemicals.

All these things are keeping me busy. I would do much more if I could.

Thank you, Dear Readers


The greatest thing in all this has been to get to know you my Dear Readers and Followers.

The feedback I have received has been really encouraging. I will always be happy to answer any questions you may have. I am so happy to hear that my blog has been helpful when looking for healing for skin problems. It is also really wonderful that you have made cosmetics using my recipes.

I don’t have a huge selection of cosmetic recipes yet. The reason is as follows. I want to try all the products myself before posting the recipe on my blog. I just want to share with you the tested cosmetic recipes. I only develop recipes from safe, natural ingredients. Some of them are truly unique that you can’t find anywhere else.

How did you become interested in natural cosmetics?

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